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The Complete How to train/tutor my youngster's Thread


Feb 6, 2009
Good day all, with some help of fellow Fm-Base members (arun/lordlsop) and myself, we have put together a go to guide for player development, training and tutoring....

For preferred player's PPM's kindly refer to themadsheep's and my (little help was added :D) fantastic thread below...


how do you handle exciting youth team players?
when you get a 16 year old bright prospect promoted to your youth team e.g your assistant manager is excited by the prospect of ryan hall. (best player of his generation) its exciting and ive tried to nurture them until he becomes world class, but they never seem to live up to the expectations??
Answers and things to bare in mind:

First team footbal is vital, but just loaning him out to a club isnt good enough. You need to bare in mind the training facilities of said club, and make sure the level of the club is good enough. If he isnt out on loan, give him a tutor and just play him as much as possible.
Ed Syers

leave them in under 18's until 17 then put him up for loan, if he isnt on loan play him sparingly i.e league cup games against much smaller teams 20 mins at end of games winning 3-0 when they are 18 i slowly introduce them into first team i.e all league cup games 20 mins at end of games im winning and some starts, maybe loaning them to higher reputation teams in prem to get games at a high level.

what could be the problem is that that said player (best of his generation) is compared to the rest of the youngsters that you bring in every year (which most of the time are absolute rubbish) so he is compared to them! and maybe most of the other youngsters of that year in other teams, which most of the time the only the big clubs with great youth facilities would also only get maybe one best player of his generation etc...

the way that you are doing it is probably the best you can do it mate, just remember that the youth are most of the time compared to your other best youth players so the scout reports would be very biased and very off! the best way would be to tutor them as much as possible and continue to do what you are doing!

you need to create position specific training for your youngsters, it is imperritive to their development! download tugs or dans training from the site here, they are the best (I use Dans)

what does also aid development and increase in stats quicker that I have noticed, is that you put the said youngster into your 1st team squad (i.e. not left in your u/18's) you dont have to select him at all really, make him available for reserves and just leave him with the rest of your 1st team guys :D

read through here to get an idea of the CA and PA and will give you an idea of how to best develop your youngsters :)


1. Your first season at the club, ask the board for a feeder club, and pick the one with the best training and youth facilities available for a feeder club, I usually pick Wolves, they have good training and youth facilities.

2. I have designed basically 5 training schedules which focus on the attributes needed for each position, I assign my youngster to the one corresponding to his position from day one.

3. First couple of years, put him in your youth squad, basically till he's 18, and training on your schedule, he'll improve slightly.

4. At 18, ship him to your affiliate, they'll usually give him good playing time and he'll return as a decent player, not a top player yet, but he's only 19 now ;)

5. Move him to your first team and give him 20 minutes per game for the first season.

6. Now he's 19, alternate him with your first choice player for the position, each one plays a match.

7. Now he's 20, your choice, keep him or sell him if you're already covered in his position, he should be able to fetch you somewhere between 5 and 10 million.

About Tutoring:
Read this:
Enough said...

Edit: I am quoting a few of the most important points regarding tutoring, but you have to read the above thread to get a complete picture and guess the hidden attributes like Professionalism:
*Interaction options:
- Ideal Role model - use if tutor has 'Key Player' squad status
- Benefit from Approach - use if tutor has 'First Team' squad status
- Learn from - use if tutor has 'Rotation/Backup' squad status

* Tutoring is not of variable length. It takes exactly 180 days from start until finish, unless there is a Personality clash before the end.

* Tutoring affects the stats from the onset of the period, which means that if it ends prematurely (due to Personality clash, selling/loaning out a player) the Youngster will still (most likely) have his mental stats change. He might even gain a PPM.

* The result message (if it doesn't clash) doesn't tell the truth at all:
Benefited occurs when 2 (probably more) PPMs have transferred,
Appreciate Influence occurs with 1 PPM given.
Gains little means no PPM have been shifted but still a massive shift may have occured within the attributes.
Gained nothing means very few attributes have changed, and only 1 or 2 points in any direction for each attribute.

Be aware that the news item heading for the last two are almost identical ('Gained little' and 'Gains a little'). 'Gains a little' being the worst one.
About Scouts:
In my experience (limited as compared to guys like Raikan), a high quality scout will give you a reasonably reliable report about the potential of a youngster. I don't pay too much attention to the star rating, rather I go into the details.

Firstly, they will tell you about the personality, strengths and weaknesses. And media handling style. These are very important, but unfortunately it takes a bit of knowledge and effort to make sense of it. See the above linked article for details. I will give a snippet:
Often, a player may be eligible to be described by more than one personality descriptions. In this case, you are still going to see only one description. As a rule, Professional> Determined> Realist> Resilient> Light-Hearted> Spirited> Resolute> Jovial. What is to the lft, takes precedence. This means that if a player is both Realist and Spirited, in the game he is going to be described as "Realist".
They also tell you how good a player is likely to be. When managing teams like ManU or Liverpool, I only buy players who are likely to become leading players for the Premier League. I only make exceptions when a promising youth is available on the cheap or has attributes outstripping his current rating.

Talking of attributes, look for youngsters having good attributes and not just potential, if possible. Pay special attention to the mental and physical attributes. Mental, because it is harder for young players to gain mental attributes. Physical because they take up a lot of CA, so if your future star has weak physical stats, then it will take up a lot of CA gain to improve him in that area, making it difficult to gain a well rounded development.

About Training:
I prefer Jenko_EFC's schedules, which are designed not just for a particular position, but also for each role available for that position. So, a Poacher has different training schedule as compared to an advanced forward. They are based on SFraser's training "theory".

Link to SFraser's thread and schedule download:

Link to Jenko_EFC's thread and schedule download:

Plus, it also has separate schedules for your regular players, developing players and veteran players. The only downside is that there are no youth schedules, ie no schedules for players less than 17 years old.

You can find it for download here. If not, I can give you a link to the SI forums.

Personally, I decide schedules for my young players as follows:

-Any player not good enough to be a decent EPL player can be left to rot on the General schedule.
-All players who can become good EPL players get the appropriate Youth schedule from Dan or SFraser. Sometimes, I can tweak a schedule if a player shows weakness in a particular area. For example, a striker with poor composure will get very high shooting training. Somehow, FM loves to give me regens who have atleast one glaring flaw :(
-All players who have the potential to be leading or star players get personalized schedules from me. It is a bit time consuming but the rewards justify it. You can get the next Thuram or Ronaldo this way ;)

Enough has been said about the playing time given to your developing players. You might also want to read this:

Obviously, you also need good coaches, but they are easier to get if you know what attributes to look for in a particular coaching area.

Also, I have a PDF file created by Andrew Eastley which lists the important attributes for each Position, Role and Duty. I will give you a link if you need it.

Edit: Here's the link. Sorry, but I do not remember where I found it on the SI forums:

---------- Post added at 03:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:27 PM ----------

Also, much of this is work under progress, so there can be an error or two. If you think you have found one, please post here or in the original threads, so that it can be checked/corrected.

if you have any other information or tips to add, please PM me with them so that i can edit and add them to the above! thanks.

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Nov 3, 2009
I pretty much do the same as Lordslop's post there only I may loan him out for two seasons rather than one.

In some cases I may have a regen who is almost as good as my first teamer so I'll keep loaning him out until he is better than my current first choice. One example was a left back who was almost as good as Evra so I loaned him out for 3 seasons - to Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Real Madrid. He came back a beast of a player and Evra was quickly shipped out.

Also not only did I get myself a world class left back but when I totalled up the loan fees I received for him it came to £6m! Nice one :D

(When I load up FM I'll post some examples here)


Aug 22, 2010
Q. about training

at what point level training ground does a player depreciate ?

like if i buy/loan a worldclass player but my team only has a training ground of level 4 for example

what are the points that each class needs to maintain there stats and what level do they depreciate because of lack of training level at club?

i notice alot big players i loan with high stats , depreciate am not sure is this because my poor teams meagre training grounds or the coaches inclusivley????????


Jul 22, 2010
Great idea to create this thread, Raikan! :wub:

I have a few more suggestions:

- About this thread, you should consider not putting my post quoted and centered. The green background along with the centering is a bit problematic for such a long post. IMO ;)

- About loaning, when you recieve a loan offer, you will be told what role the player is expected to play. I only consider loaning my promising youngster to a club which expects him to be an important first team player. So, no to "will act as backup to the first team." He can do that at my club with far better facilities and coaches, plus tutoring options and praise etc.

- About loaning vs tutoring, my preference is to first tutor the youngster and only then loan him out. The reason for this is that his attribute increase depends on things like his determination, ambition and most of all, professionalism. With those stats low, it will be difficult for your hot prospect to progress fast even if he gets a lot of playing time and quality training.

- About tutoring, as I mentioned in another thread, it seems that the for the progress rate of a youngster, the important factors are his age, professionalism, ambition and determination. And from what I have read and seen (plus experimentation using the Genie Scout) it seems that

Professionalism > Ambition >> Determination

I am also thinking of compiling a list of attributes necessary for coaching in each training area like strength, tactics, shooting etc, required to get a 4, 4.5 or 5 star rating in that coaching area. It would require a bit of effort on my part, though, so please do tell if you want me to do it.
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Jul 22, 2010


Super Moderator
Dec 17, 2008
Nice link for deciding whether to accept a loan offer or make one (it helps that you list my point as the first one |)), but I think your comment in that thread about tutoring is wrong. Please do go through the link given in the OP - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/213536-Tutoring-results-test

You won't regret it, I promise :)
It's not my article mate, Its by Thomas Levin, a well respected FM blogger.

thanks for the link Lee :D trying to get as much information and links regarding this subject to stop needless threads come Fm11 :D
Lee? Lol.


Jul 22, 2010
It's not my article mate, Its by Thomas Levin, a well respected FM blogger.
I meant this one, but it is quite old and you might have changed your mind by now :)

i only use 'legends' as tutors, ie really experienced players who are model professionals, eg giggs, scholes, van der sar, carragher would be good i imagine.

tutoring a youngster with any old player will probably casue problems.
EDIT: BTW, I do agree that you should be careful about choosing the tutor. Tutoring is not always a positive experience. It can lead to conflicts between the two players involved. Even otherwise, if the tutor has worse stats, it can be detrimental as the youngster's stats will move towards the tutor's.
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Jul 22, 2010
thanks to all the other guys, especially arun for this! great job bud!

Well, I have poached FM Base for the past 2 months and it has helped me a great deal. I thought it was time I gave something back :wub:

I have collected a lot of material about training/tutoring, attributes, motivation, staff etc because I frankly suck at the tactical part of the game, probably because I have minimal footballing knowledge.

I am still going through some more material and doing some small experimentation myself. If I find some more useful stuff, I will post it here and/or PM Raikan.

PS: I am also thinking of compiling a list of attributes necessary for coaching in each training area like strength, tactics, shooting etc, required to get a 4, 4.5 or 5 star rating in that coaching area. It would require a bit of effort on my part, though, so please do tell if it would be helpful.


May 11, 2010
I bought Luc Castaignos from Feyenoord and have played him in a few games but he is still young, 17, he has been scoring for fun in the under 18s but his stats are not going anywhere.

Anyone have any advised, he's loaned out now for 6 months.


Dec 29, 2009
I saw that thread, something about youngsters, clicked on it and at the same time I did a bet in my mind, that this thread is created by Raikan. Well, what to you see !