The Corinthians - Combined Counties to World Champions


May 17, 2013
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This is the story of the Corinthians, a team that began from nothing in Kingston Upon Thames.

The Corinthians are a football club based in Kingston-Upon-Thames, London. Established in 2010, the team was forged by a group who wanted to do something special.
The first appointed manager who, in his first press conference, made the bold claim that: “We [The Corinthians] will be a Football League team within 10 years; a Premier League team within 20 years; and World Champions within 25 years”. He also stated that in his first season, his team would go undefeated in the league.

The club is owned by Adam Knox, famous American professional wrestler, actor, musician and multi-sport athlete. He has said that he will not pump money into a team that doesn’t make its own money. He has, however, guaranteed that he will not take substantial amounts of the club’s profits out of the club, thus reassuring the Corinthians faithful that any of the asset-stripping horror stories that Wrexham and Chester fans are well aware of.

Knox lives and works in the US which would make it difficult for him to run the club day in and day out, which is why he appointed a Director of Football by the name of Alan Swan to work with the manager and run the club with him.

There was a coaching staff in place, most of them also playing for the squad as well. Assistant Manager, Lawrence Alexander Washington; Player/Coaches Charlie Bell, Cameron Piggott, Daniel Scrine and Chris Sheldrake stayed on with the club and will go on to great things.

The Corinthians joined a league, the Combined Counties League Division 1, in time for the 2011-2012 season.
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NOTE: a few things about the game have been changed to make the game more interesting.
I added a 6+5 rule for the higher leagues (6 UK+Ireland, 5 foreigners) because there are too many foreigners and British and Irish players need a chance and this rule will force them to do so.
No foreigners at all for FA competitions (FA Cup/Trophy/Vase), though players who have been in the country for a long time get to become “British citizens” so they can play in these competitions. Examples like this include Robin Van Persie, Asmir Begovic, Stillyan Petrov etc.
Rangers and Celtic to join the Championship and become part of the English leagues, demoting Crawley and MK Dons (cos, you know, **** ‘em!) to the Sussex and United Counties Division 1 respectively. Adding a Celtic and Rangers feeder team to the 3rd Division of Scotland.
To accommodate Rangers and Celtic’s arrival, I added a new competition: The Home Nations Cup. Basically, 512 teams from Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and any teams from those nations in the English leagues in a straight knockout competition with a UEFA Cup spot given to the winner.
I edited a few teams in England to give them tons of money (but beginning as an amateur side) just to see what happens. St. Helens, Eton Manor and Windsor have lots of money but nothing to spend it on for at least one season.
I added some Ghanaian managers to league teams (cos I’m from Ghana so what!) and some women as managers to lower league teams and some top teams internationally (cos I came up with the Ghana thing first).
I added a competition for the 64 biggest teams in London (which goes down quite a few more leagues than I thought) called the Capital Challenge Cup: a straight knockout competition with the final being held at the Olympic Stadium in London.