The Cottagers : A year In The Life Of The New Fulham Boss


Nov 8, 2015
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How it all happened

10/07/2018 :

I woke up in the morning at 5AM , today was the day that all the players were going to report back to training . I was so excited to be back with the lads for their first training session this season .
I had spend 3 weeks of my holidays in India and I was itching to get back to the grind of the premier league . Of course I was the first manager from India to be a manager of a premier league team and that was a huge achievement .

We had finished 12th last season and the media had completely written us off stating that we were going to definitely get relegated . But we stuck around and made sure that we were comfortably mid table .

I had a meeting with the club owners who did state that a significant transfer budget would be made available to me but despite asking how much they wouldn't let me know.

The world had started to take notice of my accomplishments of taking a small team from the Championship to the Premier League in the first season of me taking charge.

Of course we went into the Premier League via the playoff's where we had to face Rafa's Newcastle who were absolute favorites to go on and secure promotion and we did beat them in an absolutely nerve racking game . The best game of my life .

After that our who lives had changed , we had discussed so many transfer targets at that time , and out of 20 targets we had managed to get none because no one would be ready to play for a manager with an obscure reputation . And I totally understood that .

I had a bunch of players willing to play for me and a good enough coaching team that helped us survive our first season in the biggest league in the world . Against the likes of big managers like Guardiola,Klopp,Jose and Arsene and we were always going to have a difficult time .

This is the story of how my life as a coach began . Do I stick around with Fulham and get them to the top or do I use them as a ladder and go to a bigger club . Stick around and find out

The Result that defied the odds and took us to the Premier league :

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How I have planned this series to go forward

1) A first person point of view about everything that goes on the Fulham
2) A Flashback as to how and when we got promotion into the premier league
3) Press conferences , pre match , post match
4) Talking to players ,coaches
5) My emotional condition

Let me know if anyone is interested . I will try to make this as best as I can .

I would also like to add if people would be interested in a novel kind of approach or a pictorial type of approach .