The Da Vinci Code


Nov 29, 2005
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I haven't read the book because I'm like to lazy to read it, but I just got back from seeing the film.

It was a pretty good film. Tom Hanks was good and so was Audrey Tautou.

People who have read the book will be able to give it a better judgement than me but I'd give it a 8/10. :)
It has Audrey Tautou in it. Therefor it can't be ****.
I haven't got a clue what it's all about tbh.
i thought the book was really good im planning on going to see the film but what with GCSE'S i dont have much spare time really but i hope its as good as the book
I think its all about what impact there would be if Jesus had kids and Mary Magdaline was a desiple or summat
I read the book and it's great, Going to see the film tomorrow.
The book was great (imo), thought it was rather gripping!

Gona see the film next week,which I hope will be good
Its all a big theory about Jesus being married to Mary Magdelane and that they had a child. It seems to be about people trying to find the remains of Mary, to prove her existence.

How this theory came from Da Vinci (who was an athiest) I don't know :S
da vinci was supposed to be a catholic i think.

ive read the book and it really is a good read, books are generally better because their nto as wishy-washy as films. this books a really good one, but angels and demons would be an even better book to film on. looking forward to film once the ******* exams are over.
I've seen the film, was alright actually. Seemed to drag on a bit though as I started to lose interest towards the end of the film. The acting wasn't very good though and if I'm honest there seemed to be quite a lot of coincedences during the film.
In the book you find he was a pagen (though that was not alowed then so he never said so but you can see it in his art apparently), I believe most people think he was a pagen in reality as well. He painted the last supper and the person on the right of jesus is meant to be Mary Mag because the person has long hair, feminine face, feminie looks etc. They form a kind of V shape to symbolise a chalice which shows the female womb. They also form a M for Matromony(sp?). In the end you find that its all about the the sacred feminine and pagen beliefs.

Its a great book, gripping, relastic (well its probably not but the book makes it seem that it is) well wrote for the most parts and does not hold back on details and facts.

I will watch the film but I cannot imagine it been as immense as the book.
It's not. If you go see the film without reading it first i dont think you will understand it fully as it doesnt explain matters in the film, It's not that great a film but i will prob buy the dvd.
It was good,but not as good as the book cos it missed things out which were important to the book
Kris said:
It's not. If you go see the film without reading it first i dont think you will understand it fully as it doesnt explain matters in the film, It's not that great a film but i will prob buy the dvd.

I understood it pretty well. To be honest as I was watching I thought the film would be a lot better if you hadn't read the book as then you would atleast find the twists interesting and not expect them to happen.
well i finally went and saw the film last night in a packed cinema next to the smelliest person on the planet and although i did find myself comparing the film to the book i didnt seem to mind i thought that they had done a good job at putting the needed information into the film i have to be honest when i first heard they where making it a film i couldnt believe how they would do it but the have and the film is a good one i agree with seans point that the film does drag but is well worth going to see even if you havent read the book and now i cant wait for the DVD to be realised

and has anyone heard there realising an Da Vinci Code game for the consoles and the Pc yet again i ask myself the question why and how the **** are they going to do that anway the main point of this post was to say the film was excellent and i would advise people to go and see it
I seen the da vinci code game out, i was rather confused :S

seen the film, wasnt too bad, it was a good attempt. but i think tom hanks is soooo poooh for the role of rob langdon, hes nothing like langdon is in the novel. i went with a friend who came out confused, but iam shure its only cos hes stupid, it wasnt too hard to understand, but in the ending did drag on a lil and was a bit complicated for n00bs who havent read the book.

memoirs of a geisha book and film beat this but its still a good watch (Y)

oh and has anyone read angels and demons ? thats a better book and would prolly make a beter film cos of the pictorial descriptions in the book.
Agree ttm Murs,that would be such an awesome film as long as they stick to the book as much as poss. I think they are plannig to make it
da vinci code is **** and boring such a good story line has been wasted by putting it into a **** film o dear!