Jun 5, 2013
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I have done well with Southampton and qualified for the Europa League through finishing 6th in the premier league.
i have done amazing in the Europa League, won every game and qualified from the group stages.
Major problem though, my premier league form has dipped dramatically - i havnt won in 11 now . My players fitness levels are good , i just cant work out how im doing so well against top teams in one competition , but in the Prem cant win a game no matter what,

Anyone got any tips on turning things round ?
What pre-season bonuses did you offer your players? Coincidence or not, I've found if I offer a high season ending bonus payout to my players for success Continental competitions, and a normal payout for the league, they play more 'motivated' in European competitions compared to regular league, and form in the cups is generally better than league form. Whether it makes such a difference over a whole season I have no idea, or whether I'm the only one who finds this, I don't know.

Most of the time I just offer high season ending payouts for everything anyway.
I think i was skimpy and offered normal to all to be honest !