The Doncaster Knights Project.


Jan 3, 2018
Having a bash at a story for the first time since a Scarborough Athletic story I did many years please forgive me if I'm a bit rusty.
Also depending on support It may not last long so here goes anyways.XD



Meetings were up and running for the projected creation of a football club based in Doncaster South Yorkshire. Yorkshire has a great sporting heritage & the group of investors are hoping that another football team would add to that heritage.


After a few weeks of negotiations a name & site were agreed in principle and the club would be called Doncaster Knights FC and they would play their home games at Castle Park which is based in Armthorpe, Doncaster and owned by Doncaster Knights Rugby Football Club.

As stated there is already a team with that name based in Doncaster and they are a rugby union side so the group of investors feel that with the football team also having the same name they can both be under the same brand and capitalize on that.

“This is a fantastic business opportunity as well as a sporting one”John Ryan (former Doncaster Rovers chairman)


Formalities are almost complete on the deal for the football team. A badge & kits have been designed awaiting to be signed off ready for manufacture.

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So much was the support towards the project local car sales firm Stoneacre are willing to be the main sponsor.


Momentum for the team has dwindled as the Doncaster Knights rugby club refuse to have Castle Park as a mutli purpose stadia stating it’s main function is for rugby not football. With that news the football team have asked to ground share with another local football team Armthorpe Welfare.

We pride ourselves on our fantastic rugby traditions & will continue to do so ” – Lisa Davis (Community Manager)


Opposition towards the team is fast growing with the local community disgruntled that another football team will be based in Armthorpe & also playing at the same ground.


DISASTER!!..Plans for the Doncaster Knights project is cancelled as a lack of local support & no site for home games. The quick turn around in support disappointed the group of investors & supporters of the venture.

What?? It’s been scrapped? Beckham can get a franchise in ****** Miami but we can’t get a team up and running in f*****g Armthorpe” Craig Morley (local resident & supporter of Doncaster Knights FC)

“Absolutely gutted this would have a been a fantastic venture” – Alan Miller (Potential coach at Doncaster Knights FC)

Knights of the old republic…& Louis Tomlinson.


Three years after the failed attempt of creating Doncaster Knights FC local Doncaster residents who supported the venture decide to re-ignite the project.

To give the project weight they needed support in high places otherwise it would be doomed from the very beginning.

Fortunately enough two people with influence agreed to support the project… John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson.

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Avid Doncaster Rovers fans and Doncaster locals the pair are very interested in promoting sport and especially football in the Doncaster area…

To be continued...maybe?
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Jan 3, 2018

With the influence and backing of Ryan & Tomlinson in the project they pursuade the local council to purchase a site in Edenthorpe, Doncaster.
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Site purchased by council.
Area set for future purchase.
Area for purchase in foreseeable future.


The purchased site will now be renamed Eden Park and will remain as sold.
Therefore the only alterations will be:
Closed off pitch and Max Capacity: 100

The support has reached fever pitch with John Ryan & Louis Tomlinson doing round the clock media work to promote the project.

“ Can’t wait for this to start and to see who they sign ” Lucy Doxey (Trax FM Radio Presenter)

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Doncaster United FC

A complete re-brand was needed in order to make this work so the Doncaster Knights name is replaced with Doncaster United FC.
They have applied for membership to the Central Midlands Football League North which is level 11 in the English football pyramid and hope to kick off for the 2017/18 season.

Former potential coach for Doncaster Knights Alan Miller is to be named manager of Doncaster United FC.

John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson will be board members.

Adidas will supply the kits for one season.

A new Club badge & kits have been produced.

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Jan 3, 2018
After 11 months of promoting Doncaster United the hard work begins…and the bookies have installed us as favourites for the title!? (That must have been some sales pitch by John Ryan & Louis Tomlinson.)
Also pre-season has been good with just the one defeat…but not reading too much into that, just as long as we are competitive during the season is all I’m asking for which Is pretty much what the board expect.
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First game of the season ends up in a 3-2 victory against Appleby Frodingham. The match itself was pretty end to end and we raced into a 2-0 lead early in the first half only for some pretty woefull defending to let them back into it to make it 2-2. It looked as it would end all square but Niall Roney popped up in the 78[SUP]th[/SUP] minute after a nice run down the left by Ronaldo Pearson to secure the 3 points for The Lions.
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Also 10 new players have been brought in but as we are still only an amateur club how long these players remain with us is to be seen.

“Get in!! Ronaldo playing for us at Eden Park the haters will not be loving this Champions League here we come…….oh wait it’s only f*****g Ronaldo Pearson that’s it I’m deleting my Twitter account” - Craig Morley (Doncaster United fan) on Trax Fms’ phone in show.


Jan 3, 2018
**I played two seasons with Doncaster United but completely forgot to document my progress but will give a little recap on what's happened**

Season 1: Managed to finish 2nd despite my best players buggering off to other teams but as was only 1 promotion spot up for grabs we remain in the division & we also turned semi-pro with myself getting a part-time contract of £40 per week!!

Season 2 : Similar to the first season signed a few players who could kick a ball but they soon f**ked off(Think the locals must've scared them off).

Was in 2nd place with 3 games to go(10 points behind leaders Brodsworth Welfare though) when was offered a new contract with a pay rise of......£10 per week (so would've been on £50 per week)!! Basically I told the chairman to stick it up his a**e & resigned! *Also i was getting frustrated building a team only for players to leave*

Season 3: Gateshead who have finished bottom of the Vanarama National league so will be playing in the Vanarama North for the 2019/20 season have offered me a contract worth £700 per week which I have excepted.

So probably gonna stop this thread as it's not Doncaster United anymore...but will carry on if you guys want to see how things go at Gateshead.

So please let me know what I should do guys...
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