The Downfall of English Football

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Nov 18, 2010
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Yes I'm Scottish so I might be a bit more harsher toward's this but English will be more thinking this is garbage, but other forienger's may understand this point.

Well as we all know yesterday was deadline day, and quite some day it was in England, I can't remember all the fact's off the top off my head but, If im right English Premier League clubs spent in excess of £200million . Although some of the bid's are viewed as being good money spent there are a few that are not exactlly pretty:

Andy Carroll yesterday set the Transfer Record for a Brittish Player in a deal worth around £37million from Newcastle to Liverpool. Bit obsured don't you think. Andy's a good player but he's certainly not worth that amount, maybe he'll prove me wrong though and be a hit!

Another one that was a bit over the top was Fernando Torres for £50million??? After what has been a poor season for the former Liverpool Striker scoring only 11 goal's this season he secures a £50million bid to Chelsea to become possibly the highest paid footballer in England. Someone lost the plot here.

Now before you criticise my two point's above listen to this David Villa signed for Barcelona for £36million less than both of them, It's funny because Villa is by far better than both off them.

"The truth is that while seven of the world’s 20 biggest clubs in terms of turnover are English, Premier League clubs are in debt to the tune of over £3.5bn – 56% of the total football club debt in Europe, and four times the debt level of the next most indebted division, Spain’s La Liga."

This statistic was posted in October last year if you want to read more here is the website

In June last year Manchester United were £1.1billion in debt

May last year "[Chelsea] remains ostensibly debt-free but Roman Abramovich maintains the right to call in the millions of pounds he is owed. Abramovich channelled his loans to the club by loaning money to Chelsea Limited, who then loaned it on to Chelsea FC plc, which runs the club."

Liverpool also had their debt's cleared but I'm sure the new chairman will want some of that money.

Man City are also in the same category with their chairman paying off the debt last year but I'm sure he'll want money back after the amount he has plunged into the club.

Though Arsenal seem to be the only out of the big clubs that have almost no debt's.

If I use Leeds for my example their chairman left - if I'm correct - which left them in financial difficulties, forcing them to rid off their best player's and they ended up in the League 1 for a team that was once best in England no that long ago.

Now If the Chairman off Man City/Chelsea/Man UTD/Liverpool leave that leaves the club in difficulties and they will have to sell their players with the foreign player's most likely going abroad. Also these teams loan a lot of player's out which other team's rely on.

I can't think of any-thing else to say right now if I do I'll post it :)

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