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Mr Lilywhite

May 24, 2013
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...and that's a promise.

I'm a born in the 70's first generation gamer, Ive played them all.

Never have I felt so much utter frustration that actually boils over into anger.
FM2013 has to be the worst pile of **** I have ever played..

I have just totally dominated Liverpool away but the result absolutely beggars belief.
Gerrard Picks the ball midway in his half and walks like god on water to my eighteen yard box.
He fkin WALKED 40 yards he was challenged a half dozen times EVERY TACKLE MISSED he taps the ball to Sosa who smashes the ball into the roof of the net. One attack, one goal.
its as though as switch is flicked and its time Liverpool scored.

I scouted them, I looked at squad fitness/injuries, tactics, goal threats ETC hence we totally dominated.
Their young reservist left back was our way in as he had no pace and we have Bale fully fit so cross after cross after cross, something like 14 corners, 26 shots at goal, 11 on target, 4 CCC and its still 0-0
Only to have Gerrard magic up some utter bullshit with all my players throwing themselves at his feet, Literally.
And we lose 2-0 with Liverpool getting 6 shots on goal, 3 on target, 0 CCC. Their second goal came from one of only 3 corners.

Unfair, unbalanced, UNACCEPTABLE!

I quit
Frustration thread. You've posted there before so I know you know its there.
Not open for further replies.