The "eternal loan" bug


Sep 20, 2011
Seems to have happened to quite a lot of people: you loan a hot prospect to another club, his value goes to null, his wage sometimes goes to null, and the player gets stuck at the other team. His loan contract details disappear, and according to the game, he's still contracted to you while staying at the other team, no option to bring him back. He's marked blue at the squad list, but when you click on it, it shows like if it was at your team.

Only solution found so far after days of research around: use FMRTE to swap it with another of your players. Problem is, I have 10+ players in such situation now. Swapping one by one would cost me a lot of players, that I would need to sacrifice to have the loaned ones back.

Using FM2010, patch 10.3.
I tried to compile a custom editor with FMSE, but Visual Studio 2010 don't run the libraries properly, or they don't recognize 10.3 games.

I've been reading for days without finding an answer. If it was right in front of my eyes and I didn't see it, please just send me the link.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot

O Imperador

Dec 2, 2011
Surely you must have 10+ no-hoper youth teamers you can swap, no? Or if not this season, you'll get another 4-8 academy graduates at the start of the next season in all likelihood.
Does this bug come from using FMRTE in the first place? The only season-long loan issue I've had is being unable to terminate a loan deal (in the January window) when I expressly included a recall clause in the loan contract. That seems to have happened 2 or 3 times.