Death Ball

May 17, 2009
Reaction score
This is an idea that has been running through my subconscience for a while and managed its way to conscience past night. A challenge I know I can't do; but there's a lot of talented managers of this game around.

This is a sort of a reversed challenge.

The question is: what is the lowest level at which you can win a domestic cup? And if you do, how far can you go in the Europa League the next season?.

I think the best score would be the lowest level that wins the biggest cup and the farthest in Europe the next year. For instance, let's say English League Two has the same reputation stars than Romanian second division, winning the English Cup giving access to Europe would be higher achievement. And probably by the combined so would be doign it with an English League One team.

If we wanted a more clear point system, I'd say:

10 points per level below top that the player decides to start with.
5 points per level below top that is the team with which the player has won the Cup.
5 points per Europa League round beat up to the point where the latest Cup winner gets in*
10 points per Europa League round passed from that point onward.

*I don't know that yet, will edit once I've checked, I figure the Romanian winner would start in an earlier round than the English. Will check it and edit once I know.

I give different points for rounds in Europa League to account that the country's UEFA score may get teams of the same quality to begin in different rounds, so as not to penalize the teams from stronger countries over same level teams from lower countries. Maybe for that it would be better to either reduce the earlier rounds points or increasing the ones given for lower level team.