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Jan 12, 2014
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I had an Idea so start with andalusian side Malaga CF and bring them to glory. I try a lot because the game was new and before i post the first part the story is over. Why? I don't know, but i think there was no flame inside my heart to manage them to the top. Then i start a new adventure with Dutch Giants Feyenoord but because of the missing lower Leagues it is nothing for me, maybe in a few Months if Claasen's Editor data is been ready. Then i think a lot, and looking at the talented Squad of Soton and now i am sure that this is the team i would tranfsform in to a top team. I hope you will be reading this and maybe you can help me to improve my english.
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The First Lady of Southampton get every thing right since he is taken over the lead ofsouth english club. They made very good decisions and now "The Saints" are an
established Premier League side who could do great things. The Last year champion Leicester show everybody that it not depends what happens in past, it depends what happens now and in the future. You may not be Chelsea or one of the Manchester Sides to achieve great things. You only need a plan and continuity to make things happen.

Ronald Koeman and also Mauricio Pochettino are very good Managers who booth leaving the club for a bigger name like T'ham and Everton and now Katharina Liebherr is searching for a new manager who could step in big footsteps and maybe someone who will working not for just a year or two in St.Mary's. "We are searching for somebody who will work for the club and not for his self. We have a way to go and he is not finished over a couple of years."

I should have copyrighted "The Renaissance" in my Story title ;) good luck man, will keep an eye out for this

One of my new Assistant Coaches Paul McGuinness was full of praise for me. I sign him because he is unbevielable in working with Youngsters (20) and also in Technical (17) and Defence (18). I also sign in Phil Neville, Gianni Vio, Vic Bettinelli and Alexandre Marles for my new Coaching Stuff. Everybody was specialized in something and i am very happy about the new quality in training.

After a long Backroom Meeting i pick out two formations for my first team. I'm willing to install the 4-1-4-1 and the 3-2-2-1-2 also for the Youth team and my under 23. We must look for a own philosophie and youth players must fit in from the beginning.

We play regulary 4-1-4-1 with Charlie Austin as a Lone Striker. There are just Shane Long and Jay Rodriguez to fit in and i decide that we need another one, a big Man who is also technical and young.

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I finished scouting for a new Target Man and sign 17-year old italian Striker Gianluca Scamacca from PSV Eindhoven. He is 1,95 m tall and his physically stats incredible so far. He is also a technical player with good finishing and i am sure that he can grew to a fantastic striker in EPL. We pay 775k without future clauses and i think this was a very good deal for my Southampton side.

We have immense troubles by injuries so i will go on with strenghten the first squad and we sign Lucas Tousard from Olympique Lyonnais. The fee is been about 1,5M and he is getting a rotation status. He is just 19 years old and can play in defensive as also in central Midfield.

2nd July 2016
Soton FC vs Soton FC U23
Charlie Austin 37' btw Armani Little 26'

9th July 2016
Guangzhou Evergrande vs Soton FC
Jackson Martinez 76' Ricardo Goulart 80'

13th July 2016
Hangzhou Greentown vs Soton FC
Anselmo Ramon 53' btw Charlie Austin 31' pen. Florent Gardos 41'
Virgil 73' sent off

16th July 2016
Cowdenbeath FC vs Soton FC
Dominic McCroary 15' btw Charlie Austin 40`pen. Dusan Tadic 45' Jordy Clasie 47'

20th July 2016
Bohemians Praha vs Soton FC
Dominik Masek 50' btw Shane Long 15' Virgil 34' Matthew Targett 39' Ryan Bertrand 45' Dusan Tadic 53' Jay Rodriguez 69'

23rd July 2016
FC Porto vs Soton FC

30th July 2016
Soton FC vs AZ Alkmaar
Charlie Austin 26' 53' btw Alireza Jahanbakhsh 68'

8th August 2016
Guangzhou R&F vs Soton FC
You Chaosheng 79' btw Dusan Tadic 8' Virgil 21' Bi Huadong 74' o.G.
How's Scamacca doing? No goal in Pre-Season. Good story though.

We played a few games this season now and i am very happy with the most of our performances so far. We payed 11 games in Premier League, one in League Cup and also four in UEFA European Cup Group stage. I will post the results in the next part because i have big problems with uploading Pics. So i hope you be calm and waiting for the next part. I hope i can update this story tomorrow because it makes a lot of fun as well.
Could anybody told me why i just can upload 1 Pic in my threads?

Are you using the 'Insert Image' function? If so, try using the 'Attachments' function just above it. That should enable you to upload at least 6 images at any one time.