The FA are total effin wankers


Sep 18, 2005
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Ok,this might not be worthy of a thread but i couldnt give one. This has ****** me off big time...

No way does Rooney deserve to be banned, the FA are just making themselves more enemies. I can understand Scholes' ban being upheld because he made two stupid tackles. But the FA have done us again...a couple of years ago L'pool had a player or two sent off in the FRIENDLY tournament and didnt ban them (Mellor was one). Absolute twats.

Yeah I know, Rooney's wasn't worthy of a ban, for a start he didn't even look at the man so how can they say he meant to hit him! He had his eyes on the ball the whole time. I think the FA just like to make example's out of Man u, and more recently, chelsea a bit.
It's an absolute joke. Do you think the FA actually watched the incident?

HERE IT IS AGAIN for anyone who hasn't seen it.
Rooney didn't deserve to be sent off. His reputation of being a hot-head is being used unfairly against him.
Baised Southern FA... It would be a totally different story if it was an Arsenal player. :mad: How on earth was that a red card in the first place!
Thats Disgraceful!, Its true, in no way would anyone but Wayne Rooney have been sent off for that. And he now going miss 3 games of the season. :mad:
Quality timing, banned for the Spurs game but back for the Scum match!