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Jan 28, 2011
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The Fairhurst Fairy Tale

Josh Fairhurst an ex Electrical Engineer, has given up his day job to explore his real dream.. Football Manager.
Fairhurst an ex Semi-Pro footballer has completed his coaches badges and is looking into the prospect of becoming a football manager. Fairhurst sent his CV out to a 2nd Division Portuguese club and seen it as an opportunity to venture into manager. How ever his application was knocked back. Fairhurst seen this as an minor set back and continued his venture into football management.

Fairhurst noticed an opportunity to enter management by seeing a vacant role at Havent & Waterloovile in the Blue Square South. Unlike previous attempts to get a way into management this one was accepted.

Havent & Waterloovile appoint Fairhurst as manager.

The Havent & Waterloovile board have released a statement confirming Fairhurst will take over and they are extremely excited to have Fairhurst in charge. Although they know this is a risk even at such a low level. Fairhurst has admitted in his press conference that this is a stepping stone and when he has took the club as far as possible he will be looking to move on as he says his dream is to manage abroad or take control of his boyhood club Wigan Athletic.

After a good pre-season Fairhurst was heading into his first game in charge.

Fairhurst starting great and after 4 games was sitting 2nd in the league, his only lost coming from the league leaders
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Fairhurst has released a statement saying he is looking forward to taking the club in the right direction, with his intention to take his side to a higher decision

Im going to do upsdates monthly or every other month. Future updates will be more indepth

Any feedback is more then welcome