The Fundamental Thing is '''praise''''...This topic assure the ''Victory''...


Jan 18, 2012
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Hi guys...

I am really fun of this game and it is a lifestyle for me for 5 years.But because of **** game bugs ı have almost unistalled the game from my PC but i have realised something and i want to share it for you guys.Now I have really good seasons and i satisfied myself with my beautiful games...Now i am gonna try explain the tips of my game :

1 - A good assistant manager ( before match,you need his instructions about against players )

2- before every 4 or 5 match,you should talk with your every players,one by one.Come to development and say him as
passionate ''improve your performance for first 11 ''.(after talking you should see PR icons near player's name )

3-Before every 4 or 5 match,you should praise your every players one by one about his last performance.(after talking you should see PR icons near player's name )

4-You should talk with press by own not assistant.And be passionate..

5-Never and ever you shouldnt make down your player's morales.

6-All this steps are gonna bring you the best victory and enjoyable matches...My tactics are ''modern warfare and ''destructionderby''..I have never changed the tactics main idea's...

7-All this steps usefull for middle teams like GALATASARAY...I have never tried with underdogs

first season

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Second season

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