The great PENTAGON challenge - into the unkown


Aug 16, 2011
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Hi everybody, I am writing up my first ever football manager story and I have picked the pentagon challenge.

For those who do not know what the Pentagon challenge is, here is a brief overview.

You start unemployed with a Sunday League reputation and you try to win all five continental Champions Leagues(European Champions League, South American Champions League, Asian Champions League, African Champions League and North American Champions League) in one save game.

Here are the countries I loaded up from each continent.

AFRICA: South Africa

ASIA: China, Australia, South Korea​

EUROPE: Iceland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden​


SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay

Also I am going to try and stick to signing players just that are from the country my team are from.

Hope you all follow and if anybody has any tips then please mention as this is my first FM story.

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After many job offers I researched the clubs which offered me jobs and I chose Daejeon KHNP of the N-League of South Korea.
Here is a club overview (as many of you will not have a good knowledge of this club!)

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The game started in July which is already half way through the Korean season, I joined as the team were 10 points off the top in 2nd position.

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The top 6 in the league go into a playoff scenario to see who will be promoted to K League (i believe lol)
I thought I needed to bring a couple of players in of my own just to make my mark on the team. With very little knowledge of the Korean market, I trusted my scouts and did some research and I signed the following players on free transfers.
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So a few bodies in to strengthen the squad, here are their stats for closer viewing.

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As you can see Namgung Do is a very good signing for the club, he took persuading to join, but when I told him about the clubs ambitions (with an interpreter present) he came on board. He hit the ground running with 4 goals in his first 2 games. Match reports to follow.

I will be doing the match reports after every 5 matches. The first 5 matches in charge went quite well with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat


Daejeon KHNP 3 - 0 Yongin City

Kong Seong Bok (5)
Hong Hyung-Ki (13,57)


Ansan HFC 5 - 2 Daejeon KHNP

Oh KI-Jae (14,67) Namgung Do (9,76)
Yoon Sung-Woo (31)
Park Jung-Hwan (39,45)


Daejeon KHNP 2 - 0 Incheon Korail

Namgung Do (19,57)


Busan TC 2 - 2 Daejeon KHNP

Kim Jae Chun (11) Cho Joo-Young (24)
Cha Chul-Ho (53) Hong Hyung-Ki (62)


Gimhae 0 - 3 Daejeon KHNP

Ahn Sun-Tae (37,61)
Ko Ki-Goo (66)

After a promising start to my career at Daejeon it left me comfortably in a playoff spot 9 points off the top of the league.

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I was unhappy with the format of the fixtures, I will be screenshotting the other fixtures as it is easier for you guys to see etc. Hope someone is following my story!
I am doing the next block of fixtures to the end of the season and then I will do the play offs separate.

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With 6 victories (an impressive 6-0 as well) 1 draw and a disappointing defeat this is how the final standings looked.

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So into a semi final play off spot with a final against Goyang Kookmin Bank the prize!

Playoffs to follow.....
So the playoffs came and here is the semi final result, and what a result it was!

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A FANTASTIC result for me and my squad, a daunting but exciting task against the league leaders! rightly so the first two in the league clash it out!

Playoff final Leg 1

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An pretty drab match ended in a victory for Goyang, I cant see us doing very well in the second leg but we will certainly have a good crack at it.

Playoff final Leg 2

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Well I said it was an uphill task and after an amazing match it proved too much for our boys, Goyang lift the title....BUT!!!!, something here I did not expect as I am not clued up on the rules of the N league.

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Somehow me finishing second and loosing in the playoff final I have managed to secure promotion to the K League which I didnt expect, if anyone can explain why then I would like to hear it, but in the mean time I will bask in the glory and build a squad for a K League challenge and get one step further to completing this 1/5th of the PENTAGON!. Hope someone follows this.