Jul 13, 2012
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Viitorul Constanța is a Romanian professional
football club from Constanţa, Constanţa County,
south-east Romania, founded in 2009. They
currently play in the Liga I, after coming second in
Liga II Seria I in the 2010-2011 season. Before
that, they finished 1st in the Liga III, Seria II in the
2009-2010 season.

Recently, the club promoted
to the top Romanian league, Liga I, after a 2-0
victory over Săgeata Năvodari on June 2, 2012.

Owned by Gheorghe Hagi, the club was built with the aim of developing the youth of Romania


Take control of Vitorul Costanta anf guide them and Romania to dominance

Points and conditions to be added later...

Rather like the Gary Speed Challenge and Kompany saves.. Anyond interested?
I could take a break from my save with Universitatea Cluj for this. So great to have someone like Hagi determined to build around young Romanian players. Now if only that'd translate to the national team...
Yeah his aim is to develop all the good youth through his team to strengthen the national team in the future, a man with patience... I didn't know such owners existed!