Jul 15, 2013
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Dominate Argentinian Football
Dominate the Copa Libertados
Only Sign Argentinian Players

The Club have announced that Ricardo Zielinski has been sacked and he will be replaced by the man that is only Maradona. He will be hoping that his “Hand Of God” can lead this club to glory in the Argentinian Premier League. In the media he was asked: “ what are your plans for this club?” and he simply replied “ To dominate Argentinian football”.

This club have never won a Trophy in their entire existance so hopefully Maradona could be the man to bring them some silverware.

Best Player

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Jorge is the best player in our squad. He has experience on his side at the age of 30, but even with that he has a lot of pace and has great ball control and crossing.He will be great for the attacking fluid way we will play this season also contribute well to counter attacks.


We will be using a 4-4-2 formation with attacking and fluid. Also we will be using high tempo and counter attack. We will use aggressive tackling, creative freedom, short passing and zonal marking. I feel this tactic suits my team as i have good strikers and good wingers.


We Have friendly matches lined up against.
San Martin
Stade Rennes

Hope you like the start of this story and follow and comment. The next update will include transfers and friendlies.

As an Argie, I must follow this. Best of luck with Belgrano, I have simpathy for them since they won in the relegation playoffs and sent River to the second division.
thanks man. are they a good team? they did well in the domestic season didnt they?
They are a mid-table team. They focus mostly on defending and that has given them pretty good results, Belgrano has even qualified for the Copa Sudamericana this season.
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San Martin Tucuman 1- Balvorin
Belgrano 2-Pereyra, Juan Martin

Maradona first game was a success, even though was a friendly we played well and deserved the win.

Belgrano 3- Juan Martin x3
Stade Rennes 0

Great win today alessandrini got sent off but not guna let them have that as excuse, we were brilliant and Juan Martin was immense. Great start to pre season.

Belgrano 3- Juan Martin x2, Carranza
Olympiakos 1- Mitroglou

Another fantastic performance. We have been underdogs for last two friendlies but we managed to dominate. Juan Martin looks a great player for us.

Belgrano 2- Maidana, Juan Martin
Hoffenheim 1- Derdiyok

A great results 4 wins out of 4 in pre-season. We look in great shape for the season ahead. Juan Martin will be key to our success.


Corsico- free

The only one worth a place in my first team is Maidana. He was bought from CD Lara in Venezuela, but dont worry i didn't break my rule he is Argentinian. He is 2 stars ability and has experience on his side. The rest of the players are just to add squad depth Apart from Vissio who is a decent 1/2 star. The reason for all the free's was because i didn't really have much money only 120K, so i couldn't really afford to buy any players.

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From the screenshots show that they aren't very good players but they will do for cup games and such.

next update will be the first month August. Hopefully we play as well as we did in pre-season and Maradona gets off to a good start.

thanks for the tips :) im not used to the rules of qualification haha how do you qualify for copa sudamericana and copa libertaderos?
We did a bid on he last day of the deadline day. We brought in Aldo Duscher formerly of Sporting Lisbon and Deportivo, He is also a ex Argentinian international midfielder. So with this experience he has we also got him for free which was a great piece of business.

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League Match(Away)
Belgrano 2- Velazquez, Aquino
Racing Club 2- Toranzo, Campora

Great start to the season, we were massive underdogs going into this one and a late equaliser gave us a point. Terrific performance and great start.

League Match(Home)
Belgrano 4- Carranza, Pereyra, Juan Martin
Colon 2- Alcoba, Bastia

Great win today dominant and free scoring. Juan Martin gets off the mark for the season with two goals.

League Match(Away)
Belgrano 3- Juan Martin, Galvan OG, Jorge Velazquez
Union 2- Jara, Demus
Another win in the bag. We came back from 2-1 down to win the game. Great effort from the lads and well deserved win.

Only three games this month. But as you can see we are doing well so far with 2 wins out of 3.

Key Player This Month

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Jorge has been a very key player this month. Has been very creative and scored a few goals and provided goals also. The centre of our counter attacks and very appreciated. Hopefully he keeps going.

League Table
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Great month for us, great start to the season and sitting proud at the top of the league. Boca just behind us but this season looks like we could do very well and hopefully keep on providing some upsets

Keep following and keep commenting. next update will be September's fixtures.​
thanks for the tips :) im not used to the rules of qualification haha how do you qualify for copa sudamericana and copa libertaderos?

Those rules are a bit confusing really, even for us. The best 6 teams of the season qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. As regards the Copa Libertadores, I undestand that the teams that qualify are the two champions of the year (Not season), the winner of the Copa Argentina, and the best two teams of the season. I might be wrong though.
Thank mate helps a lot :) well even if I qualify for either is good achievement. Enjoying the story so far?
A s American story!

love coaching there and will follow.

Be very careful of finances. I was forced to give up 2 saves in Argentina -Newell's and Tigre- cos I wasn't given any money in second season and I didn't have much to start with so I couldn't renew any contracts let alone bring people in so I ended with minuscule squad. Only with arsenal de sarandi it was possible and that was cos they have a biggish squad to start with.

And I faced these problems despite winning all comps I took part in!
Manumad is right. Finances are a ***** here. You need to make a big sale every season just to balance the deficit, but be careful on who do you sell, because there are a lot of players that have a 100% sell on clause with third parties involved. FM can be so real.
Cheers that helps a lot. How much should I try sell a player for? Just to help me out. And do you not get good money for top two positions in league?
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League Match(Away)
Belgrano2- Pereyra x2
Boca- 2 Viatri, Silva
A great result today to beat the odds. We were considered underdogs and were behind until 75th​ minute till Pereyra scored an equaliser. Great point.

League Match(Home)

River Plate 2- Saviolax2
We did well just our finishing let us down. Saviola was deadly in front of goal and that separated us.

League Match(Home)
Belgrano 0
Estudientes 1-Zapata
We played well again but once again finishing let us down. Hopefully doesn’t become 3 in a row.

League Match(Away)

Belgrano 3- Pereyra x2, Sciorilli
All Boys 1- Borghello
Great result today. Back to winning ways and a return to scoring goals. Much needed 3 points.

League Match(Home)

Belgrano 3- Maidana, Rodriguez, Aquino
Rafaela 0
Another good win. Few new scorers and a dominant performance. We deserved this.

Player Of The Month

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Juan has been in great form lately. making great saves and having immense reflexes for his age. very important part of our team and his performances have provides us with a good month.

League Table
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We are laying in a very respectable 5th position at the end of September. Good month for us has seen us remain in the top 5 and has shown we can hold our own in this league and possibly push for a very high finish this campaign.

This is my last update for about a week. I am moving house tomorrow and WI-FI won be changed over for a week. As soon as its back on i will update this story for you. keep following and commenting.