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Oct 7, 2010
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After messing about in a few leagues and winning a fair few trophies i decided i would go for a proper challenge and try and win the champions league with the 5 home nations and thought I'd share the idea if anybody else fancies giving it a go.

As stated before the aim of the challenge is to win the champions league with teams from Wales, Scotland, northern Ireland,ROI and England. Its up to you where you start and unlike the proper pentagon challenge you dont necessarily have to start unemployed. This challenge will test your skills at developing youth, spotting decent free transfers(especially in Wales and the two irelands) and making the best out of average players in a winning tactic.

extra challenges: unbeaten league campaign
domestic domination
and for the brave, try and win the champions league with just british players

not going to assign points or anything, barely have enough time to play the game when uni starts again let alone keep up with that