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Sep 14, 2010
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Ayr United F.C.
Bringing glory back to Ayrshire...

Ayr, Scottland

On June 28th, 2010, Chairman Lachlan Cameron announced the firing of Brian Reid and staff. Taking his place will be former semi-pro, Adonis Pimp. The fact the Reid and staff were let go is not surprising, however, the timing is. Many had figured the staff was safe after hearing nothing for nearly 2 months despite being relegated to the second divison after losing to Morton on the final day of 2009/10 season.

Ayr Chairman Lachlan Cameron

Lachlan Cameron has long been seen by local supporters as one for surprises. In 2009, he put the club up for sale stating he simply couldn't move the team forward or help in their quest for a new stadium on his own finances. Since then, no more word on the matter has come from Cameron as many have reasoned it as a scare tactic to drum up more fans and support.

Somerset Park, Home of Ayr United F.C.

Many will find the firing of Reid and staff to be long overdue after being relegated to start their century year in Ayr. The firings will also be a hit on the chin financialy to the tune of 82K in termination fees. As Cameron has never been one to divulge much, we probably will not get an explanation. What is clear, is that Adonis Pimp will be the new manager of The Honest Men and will need to form a new staff and prepare his team for their first friendly at Annan Athletic on July 6th. Pimp will then be expected to challenge and win promotion to close out the century year for Ayr.

Adonis Pimp's 1st Presser

There was little fanfare this morning as the Adonis Pimp was greeted by a lone reporter from the Ayrshire Post. While he knew his signing would fly low under the radar, he admitted that it is evident of the work ahead of him at Ayr.

An empty room at the Ayrshire Post

Press: You sit here as the new head coach of Ayr. Is this your dream job?
Pimp: I am absolutely delighted to be hired, it really is a dream come true.

Press: Do you have an idea of which players you like and those you aren't happy with?
Pimp: Everyone will get a chance to show what they can do.

Press: How involved do you intend to be in the day-to-day running of the club?
Pimp: I am going to reshape this club from top to bottom.

Press: How do you see your leadershp style?
Pimp: I think clubs work best when players feel valued as people as well as players.

Press: The club is now a bit short-staffed. Will you be addresing that?
Pimp: I will be bringing some of my staff in over the upcoming days.

Press: What would you say is your tactical approach to the game?
Pimp: Balanced. It does little good to lock the front and leave the back door open.

Press: What is the chance you will bouce right back to the 1st division?
Pimp: There is plenty of work to do before we can be sure of that.

Press: It's expected that Eddie Malone may leave. Can you hold onto him? Do you want to?
Pimp: I deally I would like to keep eddie around, but know that may not be possible.

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Pimp brings in new Ayr staff

Billy Dodds

On Friday June 30th, Adonis Pimp brought in 4 new faces to shape the Ayr staff.

Ally Maxwell (PT, 80/wk through 2012) - Hired as GK Coach
Jimmy Lindsay (PT, 110/wk through 2012) - Hired as Coach
Ian Rodgerson (PT, 160/wk through 2012) - Hired as Physio
Billy Dodds (PT, 170/wk through 2012) - Hired as Asst Coach.

The most notable name was Billy Dodds. Dodds, an assistant most recently at Dundee, was made redundant this summer and the timing has proved to be perfect as Ayr grab a solid man to help Pimp through the next two seasons. Dodds began his coaching career at Queen of South as a striker's coach in 2007. His playing career saw him with the likes of Chelsea, Dundee, and Rangers, including 26 caps for the Scottish national team.

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Chairman Lachlan Cameron stops by Somerset Park

Chairman Lachlan Cameron on Saturday

Lachlan Cameron, Chairman of Ayr United F. C., was at Somerset Park for a brief visit with Adonis Pimp and to watch the lads warm up. The Adonis Pimp revealed later that he met with Cameron afterward to put the finishing touches on his 975/wk (through 2012) contract. Pimp said the conversation touched on such things as the club still in their centenary year and how to ensure that the club move gracefully into their second century of soccer. They agreed that winning promotion must be the goal and went over the club's payroll budget which currently stands at 4.9k a week. The club will also begin repaying the chairman loans this season which will further tighten things. Of the two loans from Cameron, the 170k loan will cost the club 2.5k a month, while the 1 million loan will run a bill of 6k a month.

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Academy and U-19's get a look...

Sunday July 1st, Somerset Park

17 yr old youth GK Nicky McKenzie was rewarded with his first professional contract paying him $8/wk (FT). Signed through the 2012/13 season, McKenzie will get the chance to continue to develop with the U-19's for 2 more seasons.

Daryl Matthews, 16 yr old youth GK also signed his 1st pro contract paying him $8/wk (FT). Signed through the 2011/12 season, Matthews will also continue with the U19s.

U-19 GK Darryl Matthews

The club also brought up academy starlets, DC J.J. Hackshaw and A/MR Mark Shankland for the first two friendlies. "The experience will be huge for these two young men", said Adonis Pimp. "They have proved themselves worthy of some first team experience."

DC J.J. Hackshaw

A/M R Mark Shankland

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Scottish League Challenge Cup

Scottish League Cup draws held today

July 2nd, 2010, Somerset Park

1st round matches were drawn today for both The Scottish League Challenge Cup and Scottish League Cup. The Honest Men will face 3rd division club Stranraer on the road on July 24th in the first round of Scottish League Challenge play. The club will then travel to play 2nd division foe Forfar Athletic on July 31 in Scottish League Cup action.
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Jan 14, 2011
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Really good OP there mate!, only thing I dont really like is the font, kinda hard to read...

Will follow this having just watched Ayr beat Hibs in the Scottish Cup LOL!
Sep 14, 2010
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Really good OP there mate!, only thing I dont really like is the font, kinda hard to read...

Will follow this having just watched Ayr beat Hibs in the Scottish Cup LOL!
I will work on the font and see if I can find a good one that reads well. Thanks for the tip mate!
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Sep 14, 2010
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Summer Friendly Tour Concludes

The Ayr United F.C. finished the summer friendly schedule yesterday and the result was few wins and what seemed like even fewer goals. The summer schedule was not exactly a soft one, however Pimp stated he was more concerned over the lack of scoring than the win. Here is the rundown:

Ayr win over Annan Athletic 1-0 in front of 136 at Galabank. July 6
Ayr lose to Burton Albion 1-3 in front of 952 at Pirelli Stadum. July 11
Ayr lose to Patrick Thistle 1-3 in front of 547 at Somerset Park July 13
Ayr lose to Salisbury 0-1 in front of 210 at Raymond Enhill Stadium July 15
Ayr lose to Wigan 0-4 in front of 1662 at Somerset Park July 17
Ayr lose to Hartlepool in front of 434 at Somerset Park July 19th

Adonis was mildly pleased at the turnout of Wigan match adding that "...there are people here that will come out to the park for good football".

Fans cheer on The Honest Men as they take the pitch

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Additions and Injuries

Ayr signed 16 year olds MC Liam Scott and ML Mark Lancaster. Scott was released from Dundee earlier this summer while Lancaster was also released by his Hibernian U-19 squad. Pimp stated that while both may have been turned away, he's sees both as too young to give up on. Both Scott and Lancaster were signed through the 2013/14 season on $8/wk full time contracts.

Mark Lancaster with Hibernian U-19 squad

Starting DC Martyn Campbell will miss the next 3-4 weeks after twisting his knee against Wigan. Campbell figures to be very much a part of the first team plans, but will now have to turn to rehabilitation in order to be ready for the start of division play. Substitute ST Andy Rodgers was also injured but figures to be less serious and may even play in upcoming cup matches.

Martyn Campbell and Andy Rodgers

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Ayr sign DC Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown with Kilmarnock

The AUFC signed DC Gavin Brown on loan from Kilmarnock on Saturday July 17th. Brown was not in the first team plans but needed to be on the pitch. He will be signed on a two year loan seeing him in an Ayr uniform through the 2011/12 season. In what could be a sign of the severity of the injury to Martyn Campbell or simply a good piece of business, there was a quiet buzz about the town of Ayr this weekend.

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Ayr sign DC Brian McQueen

Hamilton DC Brian McQueen

On Tuesday July 20th, Ayr signed DC Brian McQueen on loan from Hamilton. McQueen will be at the club through the 2010/11 season and most likely partner with Gavin Brown in the center of the defense. McQueen will most likely be called into action right away with the injury to DC Martyn Campbell. Adonis Pimp has now brought in two Scottish Premier League DCs for free on loan, owing nothing to their respective clubs.

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Ayr see off Stranaer in
Challenge Cup

Saturday July 24th

Alex Trouten (M /AM RC) scored once and assisted on a corner to involve himself in both Honest Men goals as Ayr defeated Stranraer 2-0 in front of a crowd of 458 at Stair Park. Trouten is a new signing at Somerset park, having joined from the recently relegated Airdrie United in June of 2010.

The news wasn’t all good, however, as striker Stephen Reynolds suffered a torn groin when attempting a sprint in the match. The Ayr physio has reported that Reynolds could be out as long as 3 months. “This is definitely a blow”, said Pimp. Reynolds is currently on loan from St. Johnstone until the end of December. Already down one forward in Andy Rodgers, Pimp will most likely be looking to bring in a new face.

Ayr will next play at Forfar next Saturday in League Cup action.

Striker Stephen Reynolds

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Welcome to Coaching

August proved a tough start for the new manager. It started on July 31st with a loss to Forfar in the first round of League Cup action and ended on this past Saturday Aug 28th with a debacle of a loss at home, 0-4 vs. Second Division rival Brechin. Here is a look at the stretch that offered up 4 losses in 6 games:

Loss @ Forfar , 0-1 (League Cup Rd 1)
Loss @ Airdrie Utd, 1-4, (Second Division)
Win @ Annan, 5-3 in extra time (Challenge Cup Rd 2)
Loss @ East Fife, 0-1 (Second Division)
Draw vs. Livingston, 2-2 (Second Division)
Loss vs. Brechin, 1-4 (Second Division)

Adonis Pimp seemed a bit shell shocked and surprised at the winless start in division play. The manager was pleased at the good work being done thus far in Challenge Cup. They will finish out the month tomorrow night at Forfar, hoping for their first division win. Surely Pimp will be looking to avenge their 0-1 loss just a month ago.

The club has struggled to find good form on defense and the injuries are not helping matters. After being out for a month, DC Martyn Campbell was back for the match against Livingston only to finish with a bruised thigh and on the shelf again. Last week, DC Brian McQueen injured himself lifting weights. Both Campbell and McQueen will be out for the next two weeks.

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Out of Retirement...
Tommy Mooney signs on.

On Saturday, Aug 30th, Ayr signed journeyman striker Tommy Mooney. Best known for his days at Watford in the '90's, Mooney will hopefully spark some life into a stagnant Ayr offense. Pimp said Mooney will slot in as a target man next to striker Mark Roberts. Roberts, who typically plays as a supporting deep lying forward, may need to play a more complete forward posistion. Striker Stephen Reynolds, whose loan ends in December, will see fewer minutes but still be and ideal poacher when called upon. Mooney should make his debut tomorrow night at Forfar.

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It gets better...

Somerset Park, Ayr

September saw a little improvement as the squad had two wins and draw out of their 5 matches, seeing them win their first Second Divsion match, a home tie against Alloa on Sept 18th. The match followed an impressive win on the road against the same Alloa squad just a week prior in the 3rd round of Challenge Cup. "If only we played Alloa every week", joked striker Mark Roberts. Here is a look at the results for the month:

Loss @ Forfar 0-1 (Second Division)
Win @ Alloa 3-0 (Challenge Cup)
Win .vs Alloa 2-1 (Second Divsion)
Loss @ Peterhead 1-4 (Second Divison)
Draw .vs Dumbarton 2-2 (Second Division)

Player of the Month: DC Brian McQueen (3 goals, 7.38)

With a lighter month ahead, the Honest Men will look to gain some health and wins as they get deeper into the Second Division season.

On October 9, Ayr will host Queen of Sth a Challenge Cup semi-final match. Adonis Pimp is hoping for a good turnout and an even better result. Stay tuned...
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Sep 14, 2010
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Comp crashed. Lost game. Will have to start again. Very disappointed. :S