The Interactive YOUTUBE Dream Team - Sign Up NOW!

Tobey Mason

Aug 10, 2011
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The Premier League YOUTUBE Dream Team!

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Are YOU trying to find an inclusive Dream Team League? Do you thrive on becoming a Dream Team WINNER or do you just want to spend 100M on football players?

Well the most immersive Dream Team league is only a few clicks away... (See Below)

Football Fanatics has created the most vibrant, engaging and charismatic YOUTUBE Dream Team League! Keep up with weekly coverage of how ALL the teams do... Everyone will feature amongst the very best Dream Teamers out there! Will Kane score you shed loads of points, will Ederson save your season and can Kante out muscle the competition? Well only you can decide.

Steps To Join...

1. Visit and create an account
2. Click Fantasy
3. Choose 15 players (4 Subs)
​4. Choose a swanky team name
5. Join my league (YouTube Exclusive League)
4. The league pin code is nd11iv

With weekly videos on the channel you can check your progress in the league! There will also be a prize. Yet to be announced (possibly a signed football jersey)

So what are you waiting for get involved. The link to my YouTube video is here...