The José Mourinho Challenge - Youtube Series - Take a look! :)

Feb 7, 2013
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Hey! I like Football Manager very much. I have been playing it since 2008 on Xbox. On a 2011 game I moved to PC though.

Anyways I thought that I should make a series in YouTube. I never found that kind of challenge so I thought it's pretty cool ;)

It's called The José Mourinho Challenge, where I will try to win 3 CL in 3 different countries.
1) Portugal 2) England 3) Italy.

Obviously, I'm going to start in Portugal with Porto. I just released my first episode, where I will have the season review and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW :) Anyways, it would mean a world to me if you would chech my channel out and subcribe.
Sorry for english! I'm not from England.

FM 2013 - The José Mourinho Challenge - The Intro - YouTube
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That's ok, your English is better than most English people's English mate!:) I'm thinking Portugal will be the hardest task, will you just be hoping to get a top job in the other countries?
Good luck man, that's an original challenge so gd job on thinking that one up!