The journey of a lifetime: Part 2

9th signing this season. Hannibal on loan from Manchester United.

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13th departure this season. Will Grigg goes to Cheltenham for 79k pounds.

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10th signing this season. Francisco Ortega on loan from Tottenham.

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Sorry, the Oman game was the final nail in the coffin. As much as it was a privilege to manage my own country India on Football Manager, the reality is that, the team is way short on quality to make it to the Asian Cup. They need a new manager bounce and a good one. I just felt I couldn't take the country further and I have resigned. The Thailand game was the game that created doubts about what the direction of the Indian team is, I said I was going to stay. I was hoping to get at least a point in the Oman game to have a chance to remain in contention to qualify for the Asian Cup. But that's pretty much the end of the road as far as India is concerned. I will still continue managing Sunderland. The major factor in me continuing or quitting a job is seeing how much progress we have made as a team.

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11th and 12th signing this season, Jack Wilshere and Danny Welbeck on free transfers. Basically had to sign these two players because of the high number of youngsters I had to put on the bench because of the loaned player restrictions in the Championship. Signed them both for cover on the bench with a view to gain a first team spot.

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14th departure this season. Nathan Dyer moves to Central Coast Mariners for 21.5k pounds.

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13th signing this window, basically the window is closed. So it is another free transfer, Matty James joins the club. Again, will be used as a bench option with the hope of possibly getting in the starting line up.

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I have decided to resign as Sunderland manager. Deceptively good start to the season and no money for January transfers means that I have to look for alternatives now. My head didn't want me to leave, but my heart told me it was time.

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This is the end of the save. Thank you for supporting. It has been a pleasure writing this. I have retired on my save.

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