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The League of Nations


Jul 26, 2011
As a result of extensive deliberation EUFA have decided that all of the top ranked sides in the world will be moved into 4 divisions . This new 4 Tier system has been moved to Singapore due to the requests of anonymous business man. The man who is reportedly in his late 30's has 'connections' high up in the FIFA hierarchy.


The beauty of this challenge is that you can do anything .
For e.g you could start as a team in the lowest league , The World Division 3 and guide them to the prem . Equally you could go for instant glory and try and win the Premier division.

below are the 4th divisions ( they are based on what i believe the best sides in europe are )

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Aug 28, 2010
Lincoln city to Prem in 8 seasons, net spend -2.5m

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i have got lincoln City to prem with 8 seasons, 3 seasons spent in BSP, in my first season i came 2nd and only top team gets promoted, missed out by 1 point as took about 1 point out of last 15 available

i spent nothing in first 2 seasons, in 3rd spent 6k, 4th season 165k, 5th season 300k, 6th season 210k, 7th season 725k, 8th season 1.9m. spent 3.46m to get in prem...

but players sold in those 8 seasons were 5.9m so a net spend of -2.5m to get in prem

1st season in prem and i finished 15th. not a bad effort i dont reckon