Jul 29, 2009
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I've never been much good at creating tactics, i'd read a few guides, and eventually use the Tactic creator, but no matter what i tried i never had much luck. Then i read a few guides, i started making a decent home tactic for a season then it buckled, and away was just woeful. I read a few more guides and thought i'd start over, pick a team at random and build a tactic around them, so i did, and ended up with QPR. Now i want this to become a bit of a project, so i'll be able to come up with my own tactics no matter what team..

Ifigured, QPR have a very attacking team, with the likes of Hoilett, Taraabt, Remy and Granero, but have a few decent defensive players this is what i came up with at home...

I've played3 matches in total, 2 league matches and a League cup match. I drew with Sunderland Away from home 0-0, so not a bad start, and then lost to liverpool 1-2at home and beat fleetwood 1-0 at home. So right now it's just score one and park the bus which isn't exactly what i hoped for. Anything you guys would suggest changing to help with that aspect?

At the same time i wanted to come up with a tactic for away games, i've never had a good away record with any team outside the title contenders, so this is what i came up with...

i haven't tried it yet, but do you think it will work?
Sometimes it isn't about tactic, it's about players. More than often players doesn't perform. Taraabt, Hoilet and Remy are inconsistent, Granero is ******** bricks in important matches etc etc. I would suggest you to play more defensive until you buy a good striker and much better defenders ( if you play attacking, defenders must do much more to protect your goal, and if they aren't amazing, they will be under pressure all the time. Wanyama is classic BWM or BTB player, place him on DM - Support, and put run from deep on 'often' and long shots on 'sometimes'. If you don't have quick defenders, do not play hight def line.