Dec 16, 2009
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After a falling out with Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy, Harry Redknapp has announced his resignation as Tottenham manager, saying that in the end it was his own frustrations at the clubs lack of ambition which had seen the situation progress as it has.
"Its incredibly frustrating because this is a club with so much potential, and we could've and still can achieve so much." the 63-year-old said in a press conference. "At the end of the day, Daniel (Levy) and I had a falling out regarding certain circumstances and I've had to leave, but thats football for you."

Daniel Levy also made a statement, saying it was the worst situation that could happen to the club.
"We never wanted Harry to leave, I mean just look at what he's done in just under 2 years. You know, he got us into the Champions League and hes created a team that I believe that can become genuine title threats this season and hopefully for many more. But unfortunately, he wasn't happy about something and we've had to part ways. It's disappointing because everyone believed in him. The players, staff, myself; we all believed he was the right man."

The big question is now, who will become the next Tottenham manager? Although they are not of the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea, a team participating in the upcoming Champions League will be tempting for any manager to put their hands up. At this point it seems as though Martin Jol is the prime man for the job, with Martin O'Neill and David Moyes seen as other potential candidates.

As for Harry Redknapp, it seems he has his eyes set on the England job, but with Fabio Capello's contract only expiring after Euro 2012, it seems as though he may move offshore to find a job.


Harry Redknapp has his eyes on the England job​


In a shock announcement last night, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy announced the arrival of former international Jonathan Muljadi as the clubs new manager, taking over the likes of Martin Jol and Martin O'Neill at the helm. The 38-year-old, who played for Manchester United and New Zealand has already shown his delight, said in a press conference that his main aim was to secure the club another shot at the Champions League.
"This is a club with so much potential and for me, my main aim will be ensuring we finish in the top 4 again and get another shot at the Champions League for next season. Realistically, were not ready yet to challenge for the Premier League title so Champions League qualification is definitely on our minds."
Many people are sure to be following closely with great intrigue over Jonathan Muljadi, who made himself a hero on the pitch as a player. Can he now make a hero of himself on the sideline, as a manager?


The three men that could steer Tottenham back into the UEFA Champions League?