Oct 12, 2011
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This save is being run using a custom database found on another site which includes all 22 levels on the English football pyramid. I'll be going in with a National B license and the lowest possible former playing experience.

Chapter one:Getting a job

One of my ambitions in life is to be a football manager. I'd neverbeen the most gifted on the pitch, but off it I excelled, to thepoint where I was named assistant manager of both my college anduniversity sides. Once I graduated I decided to try and get mycoaching badges whilst helping out with a couple of youth teams inthe area. A few years of grinding away and I had acquired my NationalB Coaching badge. I was all ready to enter the world of actualmanagement.

Unfortunately, years of playing football manager had left me with aslightly distorted view of the management world. I imagined that Iwould just throw my name into the reckoning for any job going and I'dsoon be taking control of, at worst, a team in League Two. Sadly,that wasn't the case and, unsurprisingly, the job offers weren'tflooding in for a newly qualified manager with no prior experience.Still, it was early days and I wasn't afraid of taking charge furtherdown the footballing pyramid it was just a question of exactly howfar down I would have to go.

The journeybegins – 26/06/18
And so it begins, the long and tiring hunt for my first managerialposition in English football. After putting out a couple of feelersit was obvious there was no way I'd be getting a high profile jobstraight away, but just how far the football league pyramid would Ihave to fall? There are a total of 22 steps, TWENTY TWO, onthe league ladder in England. That gives me a **** of a lot ofoptions when it comes to finding a club, but the standard of footballprobably isn't going to be great and of course the other big questionis where abouts in the country will I end up?

By the end of the first fortnight of job hunting, Long Buckby,Hanworth Villa and Alresford had all shown interest but no approachhad been made. I'd also expressed interest in a couple of positions,primarily in Norfolk where I live, but again, there had been noresponse. With a month now gone by it was looking a bit bleak.Basingstoke had now also shown an interest but I still hadn't had anycontact from anyone. Crawley Down Gatwick had now also shown interestin me, but at this point 'showing and interest' was sounding a bithollow.

Finally, almost a month after starting my quest to find a job, aninterview was offered. Alresford, the first team to show an interest,invited me along to see if I was the man they wanted. The followingday I found out that Bridlington were now interested in me and LongBuckby wanted to call me in for an interview. Unfortunately for both,Alresford offered me the job the following day. I duly accepted andhad taken my first step into football management, all be it at levelnine of the football league pyramid in the Wessex League PremierDivision.