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The Manchester United Thread

May 1, 2015
Counter attacks. Bribing the FA. Gaining hate & divisiveness from rival fans across various social media platforms.

I think the worry now is whether or not we'll have another peak which would f*ck up our #21 parade...
I can but imagine the reaction haha.

City ‘fans’ are convinced we’ve only had the stupendous all-time great season we’ve had down to the very same. VAR was only brought in to help out L’pool. (After it was going to stop our cheating. Make yer minds up ay?) And it and the FA will make sure ourselves and Utd are the only ones winning it going forward as they have to protect their cash cows. That’s the type of stupid you’re up against. So I can but imagine last night feeds that madness. (Side note- Not seen the penalty as yet z. I was joking about Milner down to the # of pens and him being all but perfect from the spot. Don’t feed the bat **** crazy narative and their conspiracy’s regarding perceived dubious decisions favouring one club ay mate?).

From the absurd transfer rumours we see here tweeted as fact, through the MANY mentally unchallenged with their mad conspiracy theories, SM is bad for anyone's health mate.

Stay off there for your sanity.

A second peak is a very real fear and probability under these murdering shithouse’ the way they’re now setting everyone up against all advice. But that’s for another time.

Hopefully, we never have to discuss it.
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Jul 23, 2011
Sevilla have good tournament team. I expect them to go to the final.
Sevilla have a good (sorry excellent) record in the Europa as well having won it 3 years on the trot in 2014, 2015 and 2016 you have to fancy them to get to the final.