Feb 7, 2013
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As I am not getting anwers from the SI community forum, I am trying also here if it's possible to have any conclusion about player's mentality / CF as it seems to be an issue that is very confusing.

The gold question is how to get players to just keep passing the ball until an opportunity appears and the player makes a killer pass (yeah, yeah, another possesion / tiki-taka discussion :) )
For start, we know that are some aspects that helps keeping possession: no through balls, no crosses, play simple and player ppm's but it is my belief that mentality and CF plays a vital role on retaining / increasing possesion or loosing it.
Mentality and CF cannot be seen as individual settings because they are connected and we assume that mentality dictates the player positioning on the pitch and also his type of passive; we also assume that CF dictates the player having more options than the individual instructions that we define. By more options we assume that they are also more risky but why should we assume it? How do we know that the individual instructions are not more risky and how do we know that the player cannot take other decision (by himself) that is less risky ? Ok, this is getting complex.

I invite all you guys to think and discuss this, maybe more heads can come to a good conclusion for all of us that like FM.