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The Mighty Bantams - LIVE STORY (FM17)


Nov 28, 2008
The Mighty Bantams - LIVE STORY. (FM17)

Ok here I shall take about my story idea to see if people would be interested.

My aim is to takeover Bradford (As Mccall) and complete 1 season in real time, Obviously it's difficult to go 1 day at a time however I will sim up to (4th November or whenever I get game) and play each match day on a saturday/sunday or midweek if their are games, Obviously fixtures could be slightly different however I will take that as it comes.

I will do my best to do informed updates on a daily basis so I will sim up until the match day 1 week before and that way I have all the news storys on each day I can update with as much detail as possible if any news at all & then will play 1 match on the day of if possible and update (matches will be watched in full game)

In real life the bantams have started off well however FM will be different and we will take it as it comes, Hopefully this story catches on and everyone enjoys it!

The reason I have picked Bradford is I have recently grown an affection to the club after listening to Bantams Banter by Tom & Dom (Podcast) the guys are a real laugh and great to listen to and have just made me grow really fond of them and are even making me decide to try get a trip to Bradford this season (hopefully to see them take on Millwall)