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The Mighty grasshoppers


Nov 16, 2013
Welcome to the stage the Mighty Grasshoppers

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Grasshopper Club Zurich are a club playing in the swiss super league and despite winning the swiss league a incredible 27 years they haven't won it since 2003 and are failing expectations
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As you can see these last ten years haven't been kind to them but i believe I can make this club great again, the squad has potential it needs work but it has potential to be a good side who can compete reguarly for champions league football, I hope.
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Alright in my eyes anyway let's get onto the story

The owner greeted me kindly and the contract was sealed in a matter of minutes, it was great. My first endevaour into management was in team that had qualified for the champions league last season. I walked into the staffroom to find my new staff but instead ending up finding a bare room with very minimal staff inside, it was then I thought this is going to be tougher than I first anticipated, I chatted with my Zoltan Kadar (assistant manager) and Jose Bigger (my only scout) about the state of the team. After the essential chat was over. I went over to the training ground to meet my team
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I gathered them over for a talk
Me: Hey everybody, my name is Reuben Gotts I'm your new manager
Michel Lang: On behalf of the team I want to introduce you to the club
Me: Thank you, I think we have the potential to keep up last season's form and get into the champions league.
Michel Lang: Sorry sir for speaking out but that's just not gonna be possible, I don't think we're strong enough
(Murmures of agreement)
Me: Where's your passion a top half finish is definatly on the cards if we put our heads down we can make it, a few additions will be made, a few people will leave that's just the way I work. Anyone who doesn't like the way I work has the oppurtunity to leave.. now, understood?
Stephane Grichting: Yes sir, no problems here.

It was good not perfect were the words of Kadar, lang seemed definatly quite agitated but I'm sure he'll be alright.
Next my captain had to be chose, the current captain just wasn't good enough so I changed the armband fto someone more fitting and worthy
Me:Come in
The figure walked in
Grichting: What do you want sir?
Me: Your experiance is great your attitude is brilliant and you're a natural leader. I want you to become captain of the team for this season
I passed the armband over
Grichting: What about Daniel (the former captain) is he ok?
Me: Yes we talked it through, he's willing to give you the armband, he was quite civil actually
Grichting: Wow thanks, thanks a lot
Me: Don't mention it, just don't make me regret my decision

Grichting is my new captain after I decided that Daniel Pavlovic wasn't good enough and he wasn't a leader of men, Grichting is the opposite, though the only downside is that he is 35 and bound to retire soon so I'm already sent my only scout to try and find a replacement, talking about scouts I am looking at a English scout by the name of Brett Adams
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He's not brilliant but already better than my chief scout which is pretty good

This is it for this update next update will be end of pre season