No, I kept everything as is. Just using different training than OP is all but that's no big deal. Tbf, all questions regarding the tactic should really be directed at crusho, not me :)
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Malcom is putting up Messi-like numbers as Shadow Striker, what a beast that guy.

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edit: aaaand hes 2-3 month injured, of course :(
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winning every game with 3 goals difference with ado den haag lol.. getting too easy
i had just come back to fm15 to test this tactic and i have to say this is the best for fm 15(bit too late)
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started as unemployed and got that job in the second season this like 3rd game in charge and fuc..n won 9-1 away is just amaizing...You should re-create this in fm16 goood job!