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Jan 28, 2006
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Just wondering if anyone has tried this tactic. Chelsea seem to stick to it all the time. It consists of a defensive midfielder in front of the back four, two central midfielders, two advanced wide players and a lone striker.

If so hows it turned out? Im tempted to try it but Im a bit adverse to only using one striker.
hmm im a 4-4-2 man all the way never think about changing it so im prob the wrong man to ask.
I've tried something similar to the mourinho thing, I found it only works with top teams i.e Barca, Chelsea (obv), Man u and Real.

For it 2 work at lower league you have to have a class/the best squad for that division.
Well I thought Id have a little experiment with tactics. Id reached the FA Cup Final against Birmingham, so I saved the game there.
I then played the game with my noraml tactics, then quit the game and used another 8 sets of tactics (4 base tactics with different tempos and attack/defense mindedness), quitting the game after each match and reloading using a different tactic.
The end result of each match was exactly the same: 1-1 after extra time with me winning on penalties.

Before the match Brums manager (Neil Warnock!) said he was going to beat me and I responded saying he had no chance. I think this must have influenced the match much more than any tactical decisions as the result and balance of the match were the same every time.

May try this again at some point on a match where there is no pre-game banter, see how much of an effect different tactics have upon a game.
Well i used that exact tactic when i was at Rangers, and in 5 years i won 5 leagues, 5 scottish cups, 3 league cups a uefa cup two euro super cups and a champions league, so not a bad tactic lol!
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im generally just a 4-4-2 man

i never really dare changing it as the only way you can test it is in real games as i dont think pre season friendlies are a true representation of your squads ability
I am always experimenting with tactics....i have had 6 tactics in 4 seasons with arsenal :S
Only prob with experimenting with tactics during the course of the season is that u have to allow usually about 8 games for ur team to adjust to them, by that point u cud lose out on silverware n the chase for the league
I had a tactic like it on the last FM, with Wrexham lol, and it seemed to work pretty well.

Though hasn't Mourinho been playin two strikers this season with a diamond midfield? or has he gone back to 4-5-1/4-3-3?
i play 4-4-2 usually but wen i'm chelsea i often use that tactic and it works really well, especially with ballack being able to play DM and AM so if there's any injuries he fills in wherever. good tactic bt only for top teams ;)
Buy Villa for about 40 mill for chelski and play him with wright phillips and robben up front, you'll get sooooooooo man goals
i had a ******* tactic on FM05 and '06......

consisted of : - flat back 4, 1 DMC..set to forward runs rarely, MR, ML, 2 AMC's and 1 ST......

then i found sumone with gud long shots and used the corner tactic/cheaty thing......which worked beautifully....especially with Simon Vukcevic....

I could use this with almost any team and have success,,,,but it doesn't seem to work on 2007....which is annoying.....
It isnt a bad thing as such.....i just don't like it. I hate rotating players so it doesn't suit me. Having too many world class players can be annoying.....
Arsenal are actually the right team to go then cause theyv only got gilberto and fabregas who are actually top class
Arsenal are actually the right team to go then cause theyv only got gilberto and fabregas who are actually top class

:yikes: HENRY,,,,,or were you just on about midfielders.....

even if you were....then rosicky and hleb are also class.....
rosicky and fabregas are the best on fm 2007. gilberto is ****!
Gilberto has hes days...but i agree with NUFC....Rosicky and Fabregas. Can't comment about Hleb as i sell him to Inter straight away :D
In one of my old games on FM07, I used it at Bayern Munich 2007-2009 and won every competition I played in, with Podolski scoring 39 in 50 games in my first season and 38 in 31 games the next (he was injured for 3 months at one point in the game). I also won Euro 2008 with France using it, beating Italy 3-0 in the final.
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