The multi-task challenge! (Dont worry, men can do it to!)


Feb 8, 2013
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The multi-task challenge

This is a new challenge I have created that I will be trying out and updating you on. Please feel free to comment any suggestions you have which you think would improve it!

First you take charge of a team from each division in the English league (i.e one from the premier league, one from the championship, one from League 1 etc.) In my save I will be taking charge of Everton, Leeds, Mk dons and Fleetwood town. Try not to take charge of a team predicted to come 1st, as you want to make it challenging!

After this you then have 10 seasons to try and get all 4 teams into the top division. Not as easy as it sounds! Feel free to create affiliations between each teams and loan players between them.

I hope you enjoy this challenge, and if you have a go post your results below.

(P.s. if your teams are drawn against each other you can manage both at the same time)

Scoring System
Win league (Premier league)-50 points
2nd place (Premier league)-45 points
Promoted first place (Championship)-40 points
Promoted second place (Championship) 35 points
Promoted playoffs (championship) 30 points
Promoted first place (L1) 25 points
Promoted second place (L1) 20 points
Promoted playoffs (L1) 15 points
Promoted first place (L2) 10 points
Promoted second place (L2) 7.5 points
Promoted third place (L2) 5 points
Promoted playoffs (L2) 2.5 points

Win (Fa cup) 25 points
Runner up (Fa cup) 15 points
Win (League Cup) 20 points
Runner up (League cup) 10 points
Win (Jpt trophy) 10 points
Runner up (Jpt trophy) 5 points

Manager of the year award 25 points
Manager of the month 2 points
Player in team of the year 5 points
'Over-achiever' of the year 20 points

Have all teams in the BPL in 5 years 200 pts
Have all teams in the BPL in 10 years 100 pts
Have all teams in the BPL in 20 years 50 pts
Every year after that counts as 25 pts

Relegation -50pts
Fired -25pts
'Underachiever' of the year -10 pts

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First results of the pre-season goes:

Leeds-2 (Norris, White) Leeds Reserves-0
Everton-2 (Anichebe, Jelavic) Everton Reserves-0
Milton Keynes Dons-3(Chadwick,Bowditch,Williams) Milton Keynes Dons reserves-1 (Carter)
Fleetwood Town-2 (Ball 2) Fleetwood town reserves-0

A solid start to the season but this is only just the beginning!
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You can if you want but I feel personally that having more than 4 teams is too much. Ive just chosen to have the top 4 leagues.
Wouldn't 1 season be the equivalent of 4 seasons? Will take a very long time but I might give it a go :)
The pre-season fixtures have ended! And went solidly for all teams. The first competitive match however did not go as smoothly..



Everton 2 Preston 0
Everton 3 Glenavon 0
Everton 3 Columbus 0
Everton 3 San Jose 1
Everton 0 Vancouver 0
Everton 1 Philadelphia 0


Leeds 1 Lyon 0
Leeds 2 Fc Twente 2
Leeds 0 Coventry 1
Leeds 4 Hereford 0
Leeds 3 Crewe 0
Leeds 3 Barnet 0

Mk Dons-

Mk Dons 1 Fc United 0
Mk Dons 2 Cambridge 0
Mk Dons 4 Mansfield 1
Mk Dons 1 Woking 0


Fleetwood 2 Bangor 1
Fleetwood 2 North Ferriby 1
Fleetwood 2 Crewe 2
Fleetwood 1 Blackburn 0

Capital One Cup 1st round results:

Leeds 1 Rochdale 1 3-5 pen (An incredible flukey result which had me wondering how we did not win. We had 31 shots, they had 4. The only thing that could be improved is our shooting accuracy!)

Mk Dons 1 Gillingham 0 (A good solid start to our competitive fixtures with us controlling the game from start to finish, need to improve our discipline as we had 4 yellows and 1 red card)

Fleetwood 0 Carlisle 3 (With two of the goals occuring in the last 5 minutes and a goal disallowed for us this result is not a true representation of the game. We even had the same amount of shots as Carlisle, and the only indication of the league gap is there shooting accuracy compared to ours)

Completed transfers will be uploaded shortly
I personally haven't found it to be much longer as I tend to do the tactics for each team similairly so don't spend 4 times as long on the tactics. The only factor that makes it longer is that you have to do all the matches.
First results of the season:

Everton 2 Saints 0
Fleetwood 3 Port vale 3
Leeds 0 Sheff Wed 2
Mk dons 0 Walsall 3
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Seems like a Great idea mate, but what happens when 2 of my clubs have to face off in a match ?
do i have to hoilday with one and mange one?
As unlikely as this probably is, what happens if 2 of your teams are drawn against each other? :p
Just to confirm, you add four managers or is there some way to add four clubs to one manager? May seem stupid at first
You can manage both teams at the same time if they are playing each other I think?
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You add a manager and then it gives you the option to add new manager, you cant manage all the 4 teams with the same manager.
Does this have to be done in England or can it be done in another major country like spain/italy?
You can do it any country you like, I personally feel however it best in England
I set up an Italian file but the kids for the top teams are not amazing so ive just decided to do a England one. Chelsea Burnley Doncaster and Rotheram. Anyway I can get each other as feeder/parent clubs?
After you have enough board confidence it gives you the option of choosing your parent/feeder club
Finished Transfers (Does not include loan transfers out)

In: Mario Bolatti
Raul Albiol
Paulo de ceglie
Out:Leighton Baines

In:Andy Griffin
Prince Buaben
Rodolfo Bodipo
David Edwards
Seamus Coleman

Mk Dons
In: Michael Brown
Callum Mcmanaman
Billy Clifford
Boudwejin Zenden
Peter Gulacsi
Paul Connoly

Fleetwood Town
In: Steven Gregory
Alex Evans
Monty Gimpel
Louis Storey
Mirko Raineri
Jake Bidwell
Scott Wiseman
Bradley Pritchard
Tom Kennedy

Next post is the first 5 results after the first match in the league
First results! :


Everton 2 Southampton 0
Everton 1 Fulham 0
Everton 2 Crewe 1 (CAP)
Everton 1 Man city 0
Everton 3 Wigan 0


Leeds 1 Rochdale 1 (CAP)
Leeds 0 Sheff Wed 2
Leeds 2 Huddersfield 1
Leeds 5 Birmingham 1
Leeds 0 Blackpool 0
Leeds 1 Cardiff 1
Leeds 0 Brighton 0
Leeds 0 Ipswich 1

Mk Dons-

Mk Dons 1 Gillingham 0 (CAP)
Mk Dons 0 Walsall 3
Mk Dons 2 Brentford 0
Mk Dons 1 Shrewsbury 1
Mk Dons 1 Hull 4 (CAP)
Mk Dons 1 Colchester 1
Mk Dons 3 Wimbledon 1 (JPT)
Mk Dons 0 Carlisle 0
Mk Dons 0 Swindon 1
Mk Dons 1 Bury 0
Mk Dons 3 Portsmouth 2
Mk Dons 2 Leyton Orient 1


Fleetwood 0 Carlisle 3 (CAP)
Fleetwood 3 Port Vale 3
Fleetwood 0 Southend 0
Fleetwood 0 Wycombe 1
Fleetwood 1 Morecambe 0
Fleetwood 0 Bury 1 (JPT)
Fleetwood 3 Rotherham 1
Fleetwood 0 Plymouth 0
Fleetwood 2 Cheltenham 1