The names Craig, Daniel Craig

Probably!!! I think Clive Owen woulda been better,but meh
Clive Owen was probably rejected because he was in The Borne Identity as a villian, and thats now Bonds biggest rival.
I think he'll probably need to die his hair, im so glad they didnt make it a black guy that would have ruined it for me, not because i've got anything against black guys, but because Bonds not black, he may be Scottish, Irish, English, Austrian (?) and something else, but hes still always been white. Would just make it silly if we were expected to believe that he had just got a tan.
When was someone black linked to the role?
Gregor said:
When was someone black linked to the role?

About a year ago, i cant remember his name, but it wasnt anybody massively famous. But he was so sure of himself he started signing his autograph with an added "007" in it.
We'll only find out if hes any good once the films out, but there doesnt seem to be that aura about him that JB has.

Hopefully the film is good cos the last one just wasnt JB !