Dec 10, 2010
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Then it happens again- Another slightly poor start to 2nd season but I can't seem to see why. A few of my players has been unhappy as they want to move to a bigger club (Hamsik, Lavezzi) all though the team went to the Italian cup final and ended up 4th in Serie A in the first season, meaning champions league football next season (I thought)

I have bought a few players in the second season to the postions DCL and WBL, but that is basically it. Then I got Cigarini and Quagliarella coming back from their loan spells in Sevilla and Juventus. Two good players who will definitely compete for places in my team.

1st season Positive: I have deveolped some sort of catenacchio style and at the same time scoring quite a few goals with my 3-5-2 system. Results spoke for themselves in the first season with away results like Roma - Nap 1-2, Milan - Nap 0-2, Juventus - Nap 1-1, Fiorentina - Nap 0-2, Sampdoria - Nap 0-3. As you can see the team doesn't concede a lot of goals, which was my big strength. If the team had got off to a sligthly better start we could have snatched the champioship, as we only finished 4 points behind champions Inter.

Now in season two a lot seems to have changed all though it's more or less the same team only with a few additions. Style of play is the same, and I only seem to have strenghten the squad. The thing is, I think the team is having problems taking control in the "easier" games, and now our set pieces defensively seems to be very poor, with six of the seven goals being conceded from set pieces. At the same time my team has stopped scoring except Lavezzi who has been quite good. The players are getting in the positions but are wasting awful lot of chances, and thanks to that the ball ends up in my net from a sloppy set piece which I have worked a lot with but it doesn't seem to help.

I am frustrated because I beat Inter 2-1 at home after a solid performance only to lose to Cagliari at home 0-1 the week after. The goal came from a, you guessed it, free-kick situation. Their only hit on target in that game while my team produced 15 shots all though only 4 them on target, 5 of the chances one-on-one with keeper.

I also lost the champions cup play-off to Fenerbache which now means EURO Cup instead. 0-0 at home was perhaps fair, but away from home we were dominant, but omg some finishing I saw. I thought I was on hidden camera because the chances we missed were huge. Then a corner for Fenerbache before half-time and 1-0. Pushing forward in the 2nd half we again produced a lot of chances and several of one-on-one with the keeper but my strikers seemed almost scared when entering the area, as their finishing were terrible. Then after hitting the woodwork twice I changed to overload in final 10 min., but instead an in-swinging free-kick ends up in the net for the game to be settled 2-0 (read: frustration)

What I am saying: I need some inspiration because I want the team to succeed, as it has so much potential, and I would like the team to be able to also control a game against the slightly minor teams in the league. Specially when playing at home!