Jun 13, 2012
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Dresden F.C.

A German consortium, headed by billionaire ayress Theo Albrecht seize the opportunity to take over troubled club Greuther Furth ahead of the Bundesliga season due to massive debts. Albrecht has promised a complete re-brand of the club and re-location to the city of Dresden, east in Germany. This comes after Albrecht admitted he'd "always wanted to create his own club" and now had the opportunity.

Albrecht has appointed rookie manager Jordan Morcom, a long friend of his that promised him success for the new club, after long talks about the future of it. After the complete re-creation of the club, Morcom is left without a team after Albrecht released all players from the squad as he sets out to create a whole new one.

Albrecht has also promised Morcom a budget far superior to other Bundesliga clubs with the ambition to beat giants Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to the title this season. It's believed Morcom will have up to £600 million to play with, but Albrecht also expressed that this would be the only season he'd cough up that much money.

For the last couple of years in Germany, Albrecht had a project in the heart of Dresden referring to a new stadium. It'd been a quiet story within the city but since he's announced his appointment as chairman, he has opened the stadium by announcing it'd be for his new club there.

*I created this story as I was finding it difficult to find a team that I'd enjoy managing, so I created this one as I'd always liked to of done it like this.