The New Glenn Hoddle


Jul 8, 2013
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Callum Slattery starts the game in Southampton's U18 squad. He began as a Roaming Playmaker but has developed into a Deep-Lying Playmaker - I think that's because I had Steven Davis tutor him when I was at The Saints at the start of my save. I put him in the first team for the last few matches of season one. He is dubbed "the new Glenn Hoddle".

I fell foul of a board takeover in the second season, but now in season three, I have him on loan at Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship where he has been brilliant, establishing himself in the England U21s with a value of 5.5 million despite being only 18 (currently in December 2017). He has a broken ankle at the moment, though, so I'll have to rely on Charlie Adam and Barry Bannan to carry the fight for me in the meantime.