jose being a sucess at chelsea?

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Jun 3, 2013
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I have been playing football manager properly since 2007 and this year especially taken off well, I have had a few saves with teams such as, Cardiff, Guangzhou and Tottenham and the most recent 2 well 3 are Dortmund, man utd and England my Dortmund season didn't get the best of starts lost in the final of the german cup 2nd in the german first division and didn't even get out of the group in the champions league, I was extremely unlucky in that campaign. the next season I really kicked on winning everything with style too except the first division which I just scraped by 1 point. I retired my Dortmund season a few weeks ago I am now man utd going into my 4th season and have been England manager since 2014, I have won the premier league 3 times, champions league 3 times, club world championship 2 times (3rd time hopfully in December, currently in august) I have won the community shiled 2 times, European super cup 3 times, F.A cup 3 times and League cup twice. Things are going very well, I felt I needed more of a challenge after my 2nd season so instead of moving club I was offered the England job and I have the euros in 2016, but recently in 2015 I had the u21's euros in which I sacked stuart pearce and took the role of u21's boss myself and I won the euros with them, then next month It was the u20 world cup and I took over that too and and you have guessed it I won that too. the way I have wrote this is extremely boring but I had to say something and I feel its quite an achievement. with united I use the 4-2-3-1 and with Dortmund I use 4-1-2-2-1 if anyone wants to talk tactics or players or want to see screenshots, I can talk all day about fm!