The Office to Return


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Sep 16, 2005
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Ricky Gervais is keen to record new episodes of The Office, according to reports.

The Daily Star claims that both Gervais, who plays David Brent, and co-writer Stephen Merchant have witnessed the success of the US version, and are longing to write some new material.

A source close to Gervais said: "Stephen and Ricky have been getting sent the scripts of the US version of the show – which is now in its third series – and falling about laughing. They’re encouraged to edit the scripts but can’t find fault with them.

"The only thing is, they’re wishing they hadn’t burnt their bridges by saying they’d never do another series."

Doubt its true seeing as the source is The Daily Star but still would be interesting if it happened.
ooooooo goody. Heard something like this a while back, and hasnt happened so maybe not gonna happen again. But if they make a new series and its absolute ****, everyone will then say "oh, they should have left it at 2 series, idiots" and that kind of thing, meh
Would be good if it did happen though :)
I hope it never comes bacl, Ive no idea why people like it, it is just depressing to me.
Hopefully it will be nothing like the US version because that's just not funny at all.
clackerbag said:
I hope it never comes bacl, Ive no idea why people like it, it is just depressing to me.

I think you need to watch it several times, first time its jsut painful.

I switch off aftr 20mins of Extras becuase that was just painful withoutbeing funny
Never really watched it, clips i saw never made me laugh.
one of my fave ever shows (along with extras greg, hate you for that)

as long as they dont ruin it ill happily watch more
All you gotta do is ride around Sally.....

Extras is awesome, dont see how they can make a third series office...but what the heck bring it on :p