The Official Betting Thread!

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Sep 22, 2005
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I have a new idea in light of my 'bet' with Gregor. If Hearts don't win the league I have to change my username to a name of Greggles choice. (I somehow can't gain anything from it apart from seeing the Old Firm lose the title)

This is the bet thread. Use this thread to make bets. E.G you could bet that your team beats another team and whoever loses the bet has to have a sig of a rival team.

I know this thread won't be active all the time but it will be good if people decide to use it.

All bet losers will have to commit their forfeit.

Do I need to explain more. Bet away.
I thought it was pointless but Sean says keep it.

Theres no pointin making a thread for it Clacks 7 also if everyone does it it loses what little meaning the bet has.
:p Can we gamble with rep points

Even though i have none.
Erm no, It's not possible to 'trade' points anyway.
There is a few site's that do that. You earn points as you post and you can bet them on games etc.
Cyber crimes lets you do things with the points like chnage your username or put effects on it. It also lets you steal other members points.
Yeh there is a hack called uCash & uShop that lets you do that sort of stuff.

Anyway thread closed, as I don't think it will get used anyway.
Not open for further replies.