Apr 22, 2011
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Thanks for joining us, we have an interview with Ramzan Kadyrov, He is sitting down for an exclusive with

Mr. Kadyrov, thanks for joining us, what is this very large announcement you have to make to all Chechens and Russians, and too Europe in all.

"Thanks for this opportunity. I wanted to let all the fans of FC Terek Grozny know, that, today, I have thrown down the gauntlet to Suleiman Kerimov, the Chairman of Anzhi Makhachkala. I wanted to let all the Terek fans out there know, that we are going to compete with them. I am committed to spending whatever is necessary to bring champions league football here to Grozny. The Chechen people deserve this, and, I want to build a world class football club here in Terek."

Wow Mr. Kadyrov that is great news for all of us fans of the club, but how do you plan on doing that?
"Well, we are going to court new investment. We are also going to build world class footballing facilities, ones that will rival any of our European compatriots, and ones that are far far better than anything you will find here in Russia."

"But Spending money on facilities, and infastructure is great, but we also need good football people to help mold the players we have, and to bring in the players that are going to push the Terek Project forward, and I am pleased, to announce, who is going to be the first key hiring for the club, the Director of Player personal, our general manager, Leo Beenhaker" "Leo is a fine footballer. He is one of the best Dutch coaches and teachers there is out there, we're very lucky that he agreed to take on this project"

Leo Beenhaker walks into the room, taking a seat next to Ramzan Kadyrov

"Let me state, I am very very pleased to be trusted with this project, Terek are a club that houses much potential, one that, with the right prodding, can win the Premier League, and much much more"

"The next hire for this club is very very important, the Manager, the man in charge of the tactical decisions, Mr. Kadyrov can spend all he want's and I can sign all the best players, but, if there isn't a manager who is capable of making the correct tactical decisions, then its all for naught"

And with that, are we looking at the birth of a new Russian Premier league giant, someone who can compete with Zenit St. Petersburg, or with The Moscow clubs, or even Anzhi, we'll have to wait and see, much depends on the hire that the very capable Beenhakker makes.

Today, the football club is pleased, and honored to announce our choice to be the First Team Manager of FC Terek Grozny. One of the most celebrated footballers in Liverpool History, one of the best Managers ever to be produced in Scotland, he is a legend in the English Premier League. Someone we all know as King Kenny. Kenny Daglish

Mr. Dalglish says "I am so very proud and happy to be appointed as the new manager of Terek Grozny. I know, this might come as a surprise to some of you, considering I've never ventured too far outside of the United Kingdom, but, when you get an opportunity to build a football club like this, with a Chairman Mr. Kadyrov who wants to win, almost as badly as I do, then its a no-brainer."

"Terek are a club with great potential, and I plan on pushing them to reach that potential. I have been a success most everyplace I've been. This is a great opportunity for me, and great chance to help expand football in one of the great, growing areas in Europe."

"These are exciting times, make sure you stay up to date with everything that we're doing, there are going to be many many things that will make Terek fans, and football fans very excited."