The Only Way Is Up - Birmingham City.


Aug 18, 2010
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The Only Way Is Up - Birmingham City


Hello everyone, I've decided to start a story as I enjoy reading everbody else's. The only reason I'm starting with Birmingham was that they've recently sacked there manager so I fancied a go at using them, so here goes.


Media Prediction - 22nd
I picked a mid-table finish, £0 transfer budget and 125k a week wages, currently spending around £108k a week so atleast I have a bit if I want to pick some people up on loan or free agent.

The only transfer news is what had happend before I joined, Grant Hall joined from Tottenham and Nick Townsend is on loan at Lincoln.

I was recommended Jermain Jenas, I had a look at him and look really good, unfortunately he was out for 3-4 months with cruciate ligament damage, I think I need a new scout haha.

Pre-Season Games

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Not a bad pre-season, disappointed to lose against Kaiserslauten as we played really well, otherwise very happy with it.

The next update will include all results/transfers/news in August.

Thank for looking/reading, hope you all enjoy it.

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