Dec 23, 2015
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Andere Oranje or the Other Oranje is the nickname given to the club Volendam, based in a small city in Holland (22k inhabitants). Though from a small city they do have a tradition of playing in the Eredivisie but have been stuck in Jupiler League for a while now.
Why pick them? Well, simply just because I visited the city and club this summer, had some beers, admired the dutch girls (not the prettiest one in Europe though) and bought myself a t-shirt. So I figured it's gonna be a nice club for starting to get used to FM17 and maybe along the way challenge the big 3 of Holland (Ajax, PSY, Feyenoord). Unfortunately life does get a bit in my way, so gonna play this on FM Touch.

1-3 yrs. - Promotion to Eredivisie
3-5 yrs - Establish as a top flight club
5-7 yrs - Qualify for Europe
7-10 yrs - League Winners

Club Information and Facilities
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Meet the Oranges

That title came a bit wrong, like I'm talking with some fruits before breakfast, but I assure you I am not that crazy (in addition, I only speak apple and strawberry, so can't talk to oranges even if I wanted to).
So, I believe we have enough depth in the staff (except for that terrible poor manager) and in the team (thanks to a couple of loan deals - sorry that i took the screenshot after we played some of the matches) to push for the playoffs this season. Dunno If that's a big achievement as I can see that even the 9th place can qualify for a playoff position in the league, but that's what me and the board agreed on as an objective this season.

Backroom staff
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Goalkeepers and defenders
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Midfielders and strikers
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So, what did we do in the friendlies? Well, not the best of results, but we did played 2 teams from Eredivisie and 1 team from the Bundesliga.
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Disclaimer: Not native to either English or Dutch, so please ignore the spelling or typos and just enjoy the story of the small fisherman village turned into European powerhouse (Spoiler alert or wishful thinking?).
Friendly games weren't that bad. You can lose against that teams. Good luck in Volendam
I am curious to see how a save looks like in FM touch so I will be following !
First part of the season

I can say I am impressed the way the players responded so far. And the players are happy also as you can see below. The only problems are Kwakman always receiving transfer bids (but not gonna accept 130k on a player which is so important to the team) and Tuyp who should be my main striker but due to 3 (three!/tres/trois) injuries he only played in 4 games as substitute and scored a single goal.
On the positive end, van Kippersluis (ST) is a regular beast, netting no more than 12 Gls in the 14 matches he played (injured also, I think overall I had to many injuries in the team till this December), Verhulst (GK) managed to only get 17 goals in the 19 games he played and van Helzen (AM RL) who gathered 9 assists.

Players so far
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This performance overall leaves us top of the table, and already qualified to the playoffs by winning the first stage of the League. That makes me think we can push for promotion, together with the 5th atendance in the league (4200 spectators in average) and the fact that our main contender is Ajax B who I don't think can promote to the first division. Thinks are looking good for the fishermen!

League table
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Untill the next update...

1st Season update

After several efforts managed to get through the first season. We were in absolute great form, with several players over-performing: van Kippersluis scored no more than 22 goals for us this season, Schouten had the highest overall rating at 7.25 and most player of the match (6) while van Velzen helped us with 13 assists from the wings.

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That put us comfortably on the first place in the league, and after the playoffs finished we were the only team to get promoted to the Eredivisie this year. Surprises at the other end of the table with Fortuna Sittard relegated and FC Oss grabbing an European place due to their performance in the cup.

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Terrible youth intake for us (with only 4 players and just 1 potential of being a first team player). Therefore, the intense transfer search for us begins. I wont be looking to do a massive overhaul of the team, just to add some depth to it as i think we have the potential to achieve safety in our first season back.
Objective of the next season: Don't get relegated! and improve a bit the finances.