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The Pentagonal Challenge - Auditore Edition

Jul 13, 2012
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Well this is my first crack at the Pentagon Challenge, considering I had never done this before I decided to start off unemployed and go after the first club that came up and interested me.

Through playing FM Lotto I was hired by these guys.

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i came into a club in a decent financial position, a massive stadium and epic facilities. I was actually kinda surprised at how good this club looks.

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The squad was decent, with some high quality players. It did lack depth though so I brought in these guys.

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Jorge Rojas

Rated at 4 and a half stars, only to go down to 1 and a half, still he's great for this division, but he may struggle continentally.

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Felipe Dias

A regen with a bright future, I'm hoping to make him my own personal project, like I focus on Parigini and Aramu at Torino in my saves.

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Juan Fernando Leal

Columbian international with solid stats, he'll be employed as my DLP

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Nelson Ibarguen

Brought in from Florida for 8k, this guys will hopefully tear apart this division. A little slow but his stats elsewhere make up for it.

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Evert Salas

A class defender, don't know why he has such a low rating but he is a class above most defenders I've seen in game so far, wouldn't look out of place in Europe.

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Javier Rios

Wasn't able to find a quality right winger, so he'll stopgap there for this season and hopefully next year I can make a play for one.

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Finally my Linchpin for this season

Diogo Rincon

Classy AP who will run the show for us, 2 good seasons left in him before he heads off but more than enough to give us a crack at this years title.

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Predicted Finish- 6th

My expected finish- Top 2

Jul 13, 2012
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A mixed bag of results through the opening stages of the season.

Results have been... Strange. Sometimes we ply like world beaters only to not show up the next week and lose to terrible teams. Still we're sitting in the top half of the league at present as I struggle to learn the local language hopefully we'll improve.


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We started strongly only to fall away over the last few weeks.

Millionaros 2-2 Deportivo

Alvaro Dominguez 49, 62

A strong result against the title favorites, my backline had trouble coping with their strikers. They seem to struggle against quality teams, still the other results have been decent

Patriotas Boyaca 0-1 Deportivo

Diogo Rincon 50'
****** and grab in the 50th minute, 12 shots to 2 so we had he run of play for most of the game

Pasto 0-2 Deportivo

Ibarguen 4' Rincon 10'

Started strong and held firm for the next eighty minutes, a strong result.

Deportivo 0-1 Tolima

Poor result, tried a new formation and it blew in my face as we couldn't match them, did hit the post twice though so perhaps a bit unlucky.

Alianza 0-4 Deportivo

Ibarguen 23' 41', Rincon 43' 75'

Slaughtered the minnows of the league who didn't get a shot on target to our 26. Fairly happy though our finishing is a concern.

Deportivo 1-1 Envigado

Ibarguen 87th

Should have won, poor result.

Columbian Cup Grp B
Llaneros 0-3 Deportivo

Leal 32' Salas 45' Marin 87

Solid win to bounce back from the brief disappointment of the Envigado game.

First Division

Quindio 1-1 Deportivo

Rios 23'

Good game between two well matched sides, six shots each and 50/50 possession.

Deportivo 1-1 Medellin

Ibarguen 86'

Two of the powerhouses collided in this match and Ibarguen stepped up to the plate saving us from a near defeat.

Colombian Cup

Deportivo 1-0 Fortaleza FC

Kept our 100% record in the cup going topping the group with three games left.

Deportivo 0-1 Chico

Horrible, the team copped a spray at full-time, dreadful result.

Alianza Petrolera 0-1 Deportivo

Rios 61'

Played my back-up team and blooded the youngsters, decent enough result.

Junior 2-1 Deportivo

Formation #3 proved a failure as we lost to an underperforming Junior side, my fault though so I told the players they were unlucky.

League Table

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Sitting in 7th 4 points off the top, need to find some consistency and start putting away the top teams my major concern though is crowd levels.

Averaging 5000 a game in a 52, 000 stadium is scary, need to find a way to gain some followers. A title tilt might put us well on the way

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