The perfect tactic?

Feb 26, 2006
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Is there such thing in this one? I was 1st half way through the season and unbeaten in 9 games then my tactic lost to everyone!!!! Now i seem to be changing my tactic every other game :irked:! The tactic i was using was 4-1-1-2-2 with 4 defenders 1 DMC 1 CMF 2 Wingers running up and 2 ST in the middle! get to the point i need a formation which is either 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 :) any one have any ideas?
well, i'm managing halifax town in the conference, so this may not work the same for arsenal, but i use a simple 442 tactic with the wingers arrows going straight up with an attacking mentality, direct passing, quick tempo and the width set to wide and it's worked a treat for me, it also works well if you have fast strikers(henry)
do you set personal instructions?
do you set personal instructions?

no, no player instructions at all, I haven't really felt the need as I have been winning so frequently with the player instructions set to team
I find 4-4-2 is generally the best way to go.

Attacking Arsenal style fast tempo football, with a central DM and AM, two wingers, 2 strikers, and obviously 4 defenders.

CB's should not close down or they get drawn out of place.

Full backs should make runs but not be too attacking.

Wingers should make runs and have arrows pointing forwards.

DM sits back, AM gets forwards. Pretty obvious really. Play counter attack and offsides.

For the tougher games if you're not a big team, then revert one of the strikers to a Holding MIdfielder just in front of the centre backs (Makalele style)
With my old tactic it started to flop :( so i just brung the DMC up into CMF. Works like a charm beat both man utd and chelsea! And now i'm first (Darren!)

nice to see people making up words lol, i think you mean brought

nice to see people making up words lol, i think you mean brought

lol until u sed that i always thought that brung was a word. shows why i can never get past a C grade in english
here my tactic since year 1 , just start 8 league games in year 3

Full Back - normal / attack depend on situation
CM - as your guys can see , i switch david beckham from right to middle ( holding mid ) along side with diarra ( def mid ) , and although now he is 33 , he still perform well in my tactic ( with screenie )
ST - one free role striker , one target man center forward ( drogba is nothing compare to him )

i only slightly adjust tactic during game ( very important ) , and this tactic win 2 league champion.
I've always found a basic 4-4-2 (besides a few modifications) to be pretty effective, although I dont think there is such a thing as a perfect tactic.
This is the tactic I tend to use on partcularly well with Liverpool and Gerrard running thru the middle....
For opposition instructions I used to show them onto the weaker foot, now i've started to actually find out there strong foot and I direct them onto the left foot (if they are right foot only) and Vice Versa.

Usually I sent my oppo instructions like this

GKs - Closing Down Always, sent on to left foot (if right foot etc)
D/ W RLC -All Defenders same instructions as Gks
MR/L and AMRLC - Always Tight Marking, Closing Down Always, Send onto opposite foot
MC - Always Tight Marking, Closing Down Always, Hard Tackling, Send onto opposite foot
FC/ST - Always Tight Marking, Closing Down Always, Send onto opposite foot.

has worked a treat for me.