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Nov 21, 2013
Where did this go? :'(


Sep 20, 2013
Hi guys! Sorry about the huge delay haha! I have had mu exams/been lazy, started playing this again. Thinking about starting updates again too.


Sep 20, 2013
I am happy to say that The Pozzo Machine will return tomorrow! I am now actually in 2021, so I will do a few updates to cover what has happened until we are caught up to where I acutally am. Hope you are all excited!


Sep 20, 2013
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OK, so I am going to do a few updates this season so we can catch up quickly, I am further on than this so it will be hard to make it as in-depth as usual but I will do my best!

September - December 2019 Update

After a good start to the season, we looked to continue the turnaround from last seasons disappointment.


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What a run! We have had an amazing first half of the season! We have played 31 games in all competitions and won 27 of them, only loosing once!


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A lot of key performers who have been the catalyst our impressive run. Sebastian Falchi has taken over as out 1st choice keeper, the young Uruguayan is conceding less than a goal a game. Mate Loncarevic has been our rock at the back, however the Croat has interest from Bayern Munich and Manchester City, we will do very well to keep him even until the end of this season. Branco van den Boomen has of course been Captain Fantastic in the middle, his average rating shows it! And then our front 3, Mabilia, Murillo and Soto. They have scored 53 goals between them already this season! This is even more impressive as only 2 of the 3 play at one time.


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We are running away with it and almost look out of sight already. It is very close behind us, but we have opened up a gap that is almost impossible to close in 16 games.

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Europa League

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We were better than Benfica and we deserved to win the group. This could be important, as we will only need to play Metalist and then Hoffenheim/AZ in the next 2 rounds.


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Renato was brought in as our replacement for Franco Pereyra, and what a player he has been! He has played 16 league games, and got 16 goals and 14 assists in that time leading the league in both! That record speaks for itself.

The next update will be January, and then until the end of the season.
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Sep 20, 2013
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January 2020 Update

After a brilliant start to the season, we looked to make some moves in January, and then to continue our form after the Winter break.

Transfers IN

Carlao - Olympiakos / 10.5 million euros

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A big signing for us. Olympiakos didnt want to let go of him, but I think Carlao could become a world-class talent over the next few years. He was originally brought in to play RW but we will see how he ends up fitting in. Really happy with this deal.

Jonathan Rincon - Deportivo Cali / 850K

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A cheap deal for this young CB, who is actually good enough to fight for a 1st team spot immediately.

Alberto Gomez / Free

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Alberto Gomez was brought in on a free, so whether he becomes a success or not there is no pressure on this transfer.

Transfers OUT

Fabrizio Cusi - Everton / 11.5 million euros

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Fabrizio Cusi has been a good servant to the club for many years, but the time has come for him to move on. He has not really progressed over the last few years, so I decided to cash in on him, he moves to Everton.

Filip Djuricic - Ajax / 7 million euros

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Another player who I decided to cash in on. He hasnt been amazing, and we were able to sell him for almost 3 times what we bought him for last January. He moves to rivals Ajax.

Igor Kasunic - Cesena / 2.8 million euros

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A good young centre back with bags of potential, but he cannot stay out of the doctors room for much longer than a game or two. Far too injury prone, good luck to him.

Juan Sanchez Mino - Banfield - 1.7 million euros

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We bought him for 900k in the Summer, he has played only 2 games and we were able to sell him for double that. A good back-up but ageing quickly.

Jose Augusto Mesa - Fiorentina / Loan

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Jose was brought to the club a few years ago with high hopes, however he isn't getting the game time he needs. He moves to Fiorentina for 6 months, hopefully he gets game time.


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A good month in the league, but a disappointing loss to Ajax knocks us out of the Dutch Cup at the Quarter Finals stage.


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We continue to look good in the league cruising to win back the title?​


Sep 20, 2013
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Holland Update / January 2020

We have completed our Euro Qualifying campaign successfully, winning our group. We lost to Sweden on the last day of qualifying to make it look a lot closer than it actually was, we only conceded 4 goals in the 8 games we played.

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3 Main Men

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Memphis Depay, Anwar El Ghazi and Richairo Zivkovic will be out front 3 going into the Euros in the Summer. I am relying on these 3 to get the majority of our goals!

Branco van den Boomen

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I have also been giving my De Graafschap captain Branco van den Boomen a run in the Holland Squad, for which he has repayed me very well with some brilliant performances.​
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Sep 20, 2013
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January - May 2020 Update

So we started the season brilliantly, after a very disappointing 18/19 campaign. By the end of January we had a 14 point lead over our closest rival Vitesse, we were already half way to winning back the Eredivisie title for the 3rd time.

Eredivisie Results

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It was true. We continued to in all honesty obliterate the opposition. we only dropped points in 3 Eredivisie matches from the end of January only loosing once, meaning we would very easily win the title.

Eredivisie Table

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In the end we won the title by 27 points, almost doubling our advantage at the end of January! PSV came out on top of the chasing pack, Ajax all the way down in 6th. What a season, pure domination domestically..

One stat I really liked was that the salary per annum compared to other teams in the Eredivisie. Despite winning the league, we are only paying our players 1/4 of what 6th placed Ajax are paying their players!

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Europa League Run

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After qualifying for the Europa League knockout rounds finishing top of our group, we would play Metalist. Despite loosing the first leg 1-0, we turned it around and won 2-1 on aggregate. We then beat Hoffenheim who have been our kryptonite on Europe so far in a thrilling tie, scraping through on pens. We then beat Fiorentina and Club Brugge on away goals, to set up a final with Liverpool.

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Despite loosing the final on penalties after a 1-1 draw in 90 minutes, we could be very proud of our run in Europe this season. I believe we have now established ourselves as a real threat in Europe, and hopefully we can be more competitive in the Champions League next season!

Best 11

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So many top performances this season!


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Branco van den Boomen has had a superb season, the only stat you need is a 7.83 av. rating in the league! Love this guy, we brought him in for 190k in 2015, 5 years on our captain is leading us to great success!


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Both these players have come on a ton since signing for us (Mabilia last summer and Carlao in January). Mabilia has been unreal up top for us, scoring 30 goals and creating 21 goals through assists! Mabilia really is out YPOTY, but I couldnt ignore Carlao's contributions in the few months he has been with us.


Sep 20, 2013
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Euro 2020 Update

After a brilliant season with De Graafschap, I turned my attentions to Hollland and our Euro 2020 campaign. Despite being ranked the 6th best team in Europe, I hoped we could go further than that and challenge for the trophy!

13/6/20 - Holland v Greece

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A very confident performance from our boys, as we cruise through our first game winning 3-0 against Greece.

17/6/20 - Holland v Serbia

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A good win against a good Serbia side in our 2nd match would all but put us through to the knockout stages, Zivkovic with both

22/6/20 / Holland v Ukraine

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Our final group match would prove to be out least convincing, only a late winner from Memphis Depay would grab us the 3 points. However a maximum 9 points puts us through to the knockout stages, we look in good shape!

We draw Belgium in the first knockout round, a very tough draw at this stage of the tournament. However, Belgium only managed 3rd in their group, and were very close to going out of the tournament.

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Belgium Team News

Despite their group stage woes, Beligum are ranked 9th in the world. Edin Hazard is injured, however they have plenty of other world class players.

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27/6/15 - Holland v Belgium

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We were poor compared to our group stage performances at the most important stage of the tournament for us, and we are out. The game was fairly even, but we were not clinical enough.

As you can see, the media though we were unlucky.

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After the Belgium game I left my role as Holland manager.

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International Interest

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I received interest from numerous international sides.

France Job

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I have been hired by France! France finished bottom of their Euro group, Romania, Bosnia and eventual winners Portugal were above them. Even so, I am looking forward to this role, I think we are good enough to be a real threat at the World Cup in 2022.

France Key Players

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Looking forward to working with these players For now though, time to focus on a busy Summer at De Graafschap!​


Sep 20, 2013
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Summer 2020 Update

After winning the Eredivisie very comfortably last season, we looked to progress further in the Champions League this season whilst retaining our Eredivisie crown.

Transfers IN

Nestor Otarola / Viktoria Plzen - 5.5 million euros

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Love the look of Nestor, he could be one of the world's best playmakers one day. He was a fair investment, so I am hoping he can progress well. He is already injured for 3 months, he started the season very well which is a shame.

Ronny Mesarina / Alianza - 850k

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What a bargain this guy was! I took a gamble on this guy a few years ago, and it looks like it has payed off! At the age of 18 he looks like a top deep lying playmaker, no doubt the big teams will be after him soon.

Pablo Mendana / Defensor Sporting - 350k

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Another gamble a few years, back maybe will not pay off as much as the Ronny Mesarina deal, still a decent young player.

Francesco Mattioni / Frankfurt - Free

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A good looking young winger, he will compete for a first team spot this year. Cant argue with the price either!

Michael Poppe / Waasland Beveren - Free

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Another player signed for free, what a bargain! He will be loaned out to KV Mechelen this year, he could become a top striker soon though!

Damien Fournier - West Ham - Loan

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Looked to bring this guy in on a permanent deal, but he went to West Ham. we pick him up on loan though, should be good competition.

Other Free Signings

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Free so no pressure, we will see if any progress!

Transfers OUT

Lucas Boye / Sporting Lisbon - 15.75 million euros

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We sent Lucas out on loan last season to out affiliate club Gimnastic after he had under performed for us for a few seasons. He tore it up last year scoring 25 goals, which meant his value rose rapidly, so we cashed in on him, good luck to him. We make a 10 million profit on him.

Tonny Trindade de Vilhena / Norwich - 11.5 million euros

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Bought last season for 1.5 million, had an OK season, sold for 10 million profit. Not bad!

Cesar Gomez / Dinamo Moscow - 9 million euros

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A decent CB but not good enough for where we want to be. Bought for 850k a few years ago, couldnt turn down 9 million for him!

Jose Augusto Mesa / SC Heerenveen - 5.5 million euros

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He has progressed since we signed him in 2017, still I dont think quite enough to make the cut. We cash in on him, signed for 325k so a lot of profit

Jeremie Boga / Arsenal - 4.6 million euros

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I couldve sold him for much more, but he had a Release Clause which was non-negotiable when he signed. One good season out of him and he has now moved on to a very big club in Arsenal.

Rodney Kongolo / Kaiserslautern - 2 million euros

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Signed on a free from Man City in 2019, very happy with the profit!

Christian Acosta / Leverkusen - 925k

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A good young player who was signed all the way back in 2016, has been loaned out regularly and hasnt really progressed, so we cashed in on him for a small 150k profit. I think he is worth more but that is all I could get for him. He moves on to a now relegated Leverkusen.


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Very happy with our Summers work, a lot of big profit too! Hoping for another good season!​


Aug 30, 2013
So glad to see this back! One of my favourite stories on here. :D

That profit is fantastic, the Pozzo Machine is getting into full swing now. Do you think you still have enough quality to win the league and challenge in Europe?