Jul 9, 2010
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My plan is to use the editor to swap the 20 premier league teams with the top 20 teams from another nation to see how they get on playing in a new nation. I'll run each experiment for 3 seasons and as well as seeing who wins, I'll look at things like transfers, top scorers and awards.

On the other hand, I'll also look at how the partner nation's teams cope with life in the EPL.

First stop on the tour: SCOTLAND!

The league tables for Scotland as below, poor old Brechin and Livingston are in for a rough year I'd imagine.
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And here's the Scottish teams in the EPL.
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The game has picked out Man City as potential winners of the Premiership with Bournemouth and West Brom looking at possible relegation to the championship.
In the Championship, Watford just nip Stoke to the position of bookies' favourite. Quite understandably, Livingston and Brechin are destined for the drop.

Celtic are expected to be runaway winners in the EPL, with Morton, Queen of the South and Dumbarton heading down.

I'm off to run the first season, catch you later with an end of season review.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and your predictions for the season.
Also, were would you want the tour to go next?
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Interesting. Though I'm not sure it really works if you switch out the whole league. I mean - switch the top 20 from England with the top 20 from Spain and you've just got La Liga based in Britain and the Premiership based in Spain. I'm not really sure what that achieves.

Surely it would make more sense to switch out a smaller number of teams, say the top 5 from Spain moving to the Premiership, to see how they competed against England's top clubs? I know that's quite a different concept, I'm just not sure what point will be proven by running La Liga (for example) exactly as normal with no change except for the nation it's based in.
Should be interesting, wonder if Brechin can do better than the four points that they managed in the championship IRL will be a tough ask
Thanks for the feedback, I agree with your point Sammu. I'm more interested in how the Scottish teams get on against the newly promoted teams and how long it takes to close the gap. I've set up files for MLS and Argentina, they have a different structure to the way the EPL works. I may just avoid swapping to Germany, Spain and France etc.

Major Transfers

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Scottish Championship
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Final tables
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Man Utd held out against their city rivals Man City. The top half looking as you would expect at the split with England's 'Big Six' taking control. Brechin and Livingston achieved exactly what was expected, going down easily. All three of their combined victories came against one another. Not sure how the lack of TV money will affect some teams as the years go on.

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Celtic did what was expected and won the league.

Looking forward to next season to see how the Scottish teams hold up against newly promoted Brentford, Leeds and Nottingham Forest.

Back tomorrow with Season 2!
I see - that should work fine as long as you're switching them to leagues with different structures. Maybe try Belgium!
How can you do that?
Did you use the ingame editor?
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