The 'Rate My FIFA Ultimate Team' Thread


Oct 22, 2009
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Fellow Managers,

I'm not sure about you guys, but FIFA Ultimate Team is pretty much the only thing i'm playing at the moment. As Call of Duty bores me when i'm playing with strangers, I always feel for a bit of FIFA, and i've come to love the addicting Ultimate Team since it was introduced in FIFA 09..

More so to the point, I was just wondering how good my team actually is, in comparison to everyone else's and I thought why not make a rating thread for people to post up their Ultimate Team's whether it be a silver-studded line up or if you just want to show off your high chemistry, post up your best team in their formation, and mention the manager, and the subs..

I know people like posting their teams on the original Ultimate Team thread, put it seems pretty jam packed and has several discussions about stuff to do with UT, so I searched around and thought I might aswell write this up. 8-|

To avoid too much conjestion, try and rate the person above you out of 10, and then post up your team and see what people think, try and follow this..


Rating of the (INSERT NAME)'s Team:
Reason Being:
How i'd recommend you improve:
My Team:
Team Name:
Team Formation:
Team Chemistry:
Team Manager:
Theme of the Team (for example: all Brazillian line-up, Premier League/Liga BBVA mix)
Trophies Won:
Players you are hoping to purchase:

Try and follow that format to save time, you don't have to, just a suggestion, here's mine:

My Team:

Ronaldinho - Robinho - Pato

Diego - Frings - Ballack

Marcelo - Naldo - Mertesacker - Lahm


Subs: Jefferson Farfan, Toni Kroos, Heiko Westermann, Julio Baptista, Helton, Adam Johnson

Team Name: Tekkers XI
Team Formation: 4-3-2-1
Team Chemistry: 98
Team Manager: Del Bosque
Theme of the Team: German and Brazillian mix
Trophies Won: 20+ I think..
Players you are hoping to purchase: Ozil

So there we go, get rating my team and i'll be sure to rate a few of yours :) Get posting and rating guys! Also, i'm still alive on the forum, just haven't been playing FM for a while, started recently though, possible story coming soon? (A)

much :wub:!
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Nice team Kylo 9/10 as some of the players could be better.
my team now is ****, but i will post my old team because its less embarassing

Team Name: Mancini FC
Formation- 4-4-2
Manager: Joechim Loew
Theme: Serie a with a few of my favourite players
Trophies- like 14, one online which i was chuffed with.
Players i wanted: TOTW Pastore, TOTW Yaya toure and TOTW Ribery

Julio Cesar
Maicon- Chiellini-Thiago Silva-Capdevila TOTW
Pato- Sneijder- Cambiasso-Eto O
Ibrahimovic TOTW Lavezzi

Subs: Ribery, Pastore, Lloris, Sagna, Dani Alves, Cardozo TOTW, Fabiano
Got this two days ago

Rating of the Joe's Team: 84/100
Reason Being: Very good strong squad
How i'd recommend you improve: Play Ribery

My Team:
Team Name: The Owls
Team Formation: 4-4-2
Team Chemistry: 40
Team Manager: Martin Jol
Theme of the Team: None
Trophies Won: 1

Hutton - Raul Albiol - Diawara - Baines/R.Carlos
Giggs/S.Larsson - Lampard - Van Bommel - Lavezzi
Muller/C.Cole - Gilardino/Henry​
Rating of 13east's team - 76 - Good players but they're all getting on a bit !
Reason - You have very ageing legs in your side !
Improvement - Try and improve your chemistry as this affects how well your team play together and also try and get some young players

Team Name: Ultimate Team (Original.. I know)
Team Formation: 4-3-3
Team Chemistry: 96
Team Manager: Del Bosque
Theme of the Team: Premiership/ leftovers of my brazillian team :p
Trophies Won: 17

Team -
Sagna, Ferdinand ,Vermarlen ,Clichy
Yaya Toure , Van Der Vart, Arteta
Walcott, Bent, Bale

edit : subs - Pato , Vagner Love, Dzagoev, Wilshere, Song, Alex, Hart
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Rating of the Samways's Team: 70/100, nice BPL side, all players quite similar ability wise, a bit weak overally.
Reason Being: Good Chemistry wise, not the best ability wise.
How i'd recommend you improve: Bring some stars in, specially look for stirkers, goalkeeper and a defending replacement for Vermaelen, as his defending stats aren't good.
My Team:
Milito - Higuain
Ribery - Renato Augusto (TOTW 83) - Kaka - Pato
Evra - Vidic - Chiellini - Maicon
Team Name: FUT Monsters (XD)
Team Formation: 4-4-2
Team Chemistry: 100
Team Manager: Joahim Loew
Theme of the Team (for example: all Brazillian line-up, Premier League/Liga BBVA mix) : Best of the best, as long as chemistry is 90+ :)
Trophies Won: 27, none of them are online, which I'm not happy about :(
Players you are hoping to purchase: Villa, Puyol ( Had him, but sold him), Xavi (Also had him), Messi, he would suit my chem. perfectly after I have got Xavi, Villa & Puyol :D