Mar 3, 2010
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Hello, I am thinking of starting a new blog where i will post hopefully every other day or sooner about my career on fm11.
To give you a general idea, i have already started this campaign and i am about to start my 2013 season. Without giving to much detail away i will give you a quick summary of my history as a manager.
I started off as any good manager should at no club, then in early december i got a very flattering job offer at Burnley and the story goes on to me eventually managing Arsenal through a very exciting couple of seasons.
If anyone is interested on this story please comment below and if you think this story will be absolute bullcrap please also say, although i am sure this is unlikely :p If this blog does happen i will post a link to each new post on my twitter account, Higo101. So adding my will be essential :)

Thanks for your time and feedback.
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