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The rebirth of Gretna FM 2011


Feb 21, 2009
A little Challenge for people who are bored of using big clubs :) and working their way up to the SPL and beating Celtic or Rangers hold on it

what I've done is removed Gretna 2008 squad and replace Annan Athletic into the East of Scotland Division One with the same Rep as Gretna 2008 and put Gretna into the Third Division

download links for DB & Kits
Database - Gretna.xml
(Place into your data editor folder)

Kits - Disbanned Clubs.zip
(Place into your Graphics folder)

Gretna Info
Semi Pro Club
Rep 4,700 FM07 version (can be edited to FM 05 if you guys want a harder challenge)

best training & Youth Facilities (can be edited to FM 05 or 07 Facilities if you guys want)

Squad is the FM 07 squad (can be edited to the final squad before they went out or the FM 05 squad)

Stadium - Hasn't be edited (But I can edit it to the FM 05 version)

Rivals - Carlisle United
Other Rivals - Queen of the South, Threave Rovers, Annan Athletic, Stranraer
Favourite People - Same as FM 07

Board Members & Staff - Same as FM 07

P.S. - I've brought back the debt Gretna had aswell the club has 4 mil debt to get out of by 30.6.2012 (well it goes to 2.8 mil sometime but still it'll be fun to see how people get on)
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